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5 Mughal Jewellery Inspirations for the Royal Bride

Historical paintings and texts from the Mughal era talk about jewellery as an integral part of the Mughal court lifestyle. Jewellery was influenced by local customs and traditions. The kings and queens from the period have left us a wide range of designs and jewellery that till date are worn by all.

We see that Mughal jewellery is an intricate play of Indian design and Middle Eastern elegance. The form of jewellery brings together Indian goldwork with Islamic geometric and floral patterns. The Mughals loved their jewels, so without a doubt, this form of jewellery is defined by heavy stonework and elaborate enamelling. We’ve all heard with great attention the love story that built the Taj Mahal. Why not incorporate some of that magic into your wedding through these gorgeous designs?

We’ve penned down some of the ways in which you could use Mughal jewellery on your wedding day. Let’s take a look. 

1) The Mughal Har

Image Source: preeta_agarwal

Men and women wore neck ornaments of different kinds made of pearls and precious stones. This necklace dates back to the 19th century. It was made by the ‘Nizam of Hyderabad’ and is also named after him. The necklace is laid with diamonds and one emerald. This eye-catching design will make your wedding ensemble stand out. The best part of such designs is that the piece can be worn on different styles of Indian wear.

2) Passa Side Jhumar Maang Tikka

Image Source: swavicollection

This traditional headpiece was worn by all the women of the court. Along with the traditional maang tikka adding the jhumar one will make you as a bride look royal. The glass beads with the ruby red ones laid in gold add to this look. The Rajwadi nath help complete your perfect bridal look.

3)The Sarpech

Image Source: Sothebys

This was a type of crown that was attached to the turban of Mughal men. The beautifully laid stones and floral pattern makes this a beautiful piece to adorn either your head or your husband’s on your special day 

4) The Mughal Haathfool

Image Source: swavocollection

Much like a bracket this handpiece inlaid with diamonds, emeralds and glass beads was a favourite of the royal women of the time. We love this simple yet stylish piece fit for a queen. Haathfools are a favourite piece of jewellery throughout the Indian subcontinent but what makes these stand apart from the rest is the intricate and geometrical detailing of the piece.

5) The Churin Along With The Ring

Image Source: swavocollection

This bunch of bangles was worn along with a ring. It was either the bangles or the Haathfool. These bangles were gold with intricate work on them or they were made with glass beads and jewels. The ring that the woman wore was always a precious stone like a ruby or an emerald. 

The Mughals have influenced generations in our country and continue to do so. With these flamboyant designs, may you feel like a Mughal princess on your wedding day!

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