5 of our Favourite Haldi Moments!

5 of our Favourite Haldi Moments!

The haldi ceremony is probably the most fun of all. The bride, groom, their family and friends get smeared with haldi all over. Unsurprisingly, it is my favourite function as well. The liquor is free flowing, you have the permission to ruin your friends’ outfits and there is naach-gana everywhere. Checkout some lovely moments from the haldi ceremonies captured by some of the best photographers-


1. The glee on the child’s face is everything!


Image source: Naman Verma


2. The bride’s mother can barely hold herself together… Tissue box, please!


Image source: Reels & Frames


3. It takes two crazy people to do the tango!


Image source: Gautam Khullar Photography


4. I won’t suggest wasting liquor, but these seems fun!


Image source: Reels & Frames


5. Drenched in haldi is an understatement!


Image source: Zohaib Ali Photography


Haldi photos for the win!

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