5 Promises a Jiju Should Make to his Saali

5 Promises a Jiju Should Make to his Saali

The great Geet once said that a saali is a aadhi-gharwali woh bhi muft muft muft! Jiju & saalis share a quite unique bond. There is the usual nok-jhok and some unsaid love. Girls, there is a good chance that you jiju will spoil you with tons of gifts! Men, before you whisk away her sister, you have to make certain promises to your saalis. No, there is no other way out! Five promises, that’s all you have to do-


1. Secret Keeper



A jiju has to promise to be his saali’s secret keeper. From the hidden shopping packages to all her love interests, you have to keep mum. Zip the lips!


2. Partner in Crime



Now that you have married her sister, you have an additional duty- to be her partner in crime. You have to join your saali in roasting your wife mercilessly!


3. Sisterly Love



You have to promise her that you’ll love her and treat her like she is your own sister. Be a better version of an elder brother while you are at it!


4. Support Her



Promise that you have her back and she will trust you forever. Don’t let her down by breaking  her trust!


5. Love her Sister



This is an unsaid one but you have to promise that you’ll love her sister in sickness or health. Yeah, she won’t hesitate to break your bones if you break this promise!


Gear up, jijus! It’s time to make some promises.

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