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5 Skin Care Routines for Men

Men always tend to take skin care very lightly. Remember the days when men applying masks made people roll their eyes? After centuries of not caring about their skin, men have now embarked on a journey to take care of themselves. A lot of companies have created different product lines ‘for men’ considering the increased awareness about skin care among the gender. Parlour treatments have seen a boom among men opting for facials and massages to make their skin glow! After all, men too need some pampering to look good!

Here are a few tips for men to look presentable all the time!

1. Back to Basics

Water is the best medicine. Washing your face with water multiple times a day will help reduce the accumulation of dust thus saving you from blackheads and pimples. Wash your face especially after your bike rides. Water is a doctor that will detox your skin from all the pollutants. If just splashing water on your skin helps so much, think about drinking 4 litres of it to make your skin glow naturally. Give it a try men!

Image source: Forbes


 After you have cleaned your face with water, it is time to nourish it. Use a simple moisturizer twice a day in a gentle circular motion. Moisturizing lotions or gels are unisex and do not need to be ‘for men’ or women only. Just use anyone. I recommend using it before bedtime after washing your face for one last time for the day. The night is the time when your body heals, let the skin be happy as well. Start with moisturizers and move to night creams gradually.

Image source: Forbes

3. Scrub

Let us accept the fact that men’s skin is tougher and needs a little extra care. Scrubs are also called exfoliators. They could be either chemical or mechanical… both work the same way – remove dead skin and make the skin glow. I personally recommend a scrub that works mechanically to create friction removing dirt and dead skin than a chemical one. Just search the internet and you get options. Do not overdo scrubbing, twice a week should be enough!

Image source: The Manual

4. Sunscreen

Ultraviolet rays do not differentiate between men and women, they work the same on everyone! UV rays are said to not only cause cancer but also fasten the ageing process. Use a good SPF sunscreen lotion before you step out to keep your skin safe from the sun and keep looking young!

Image source: Fashionbeans 

5. Masks

Heard your mother and grandmothers talk about ‘Multani Mitti ka Lep’? That’s a desi mask. Masks are essential for the skincare routine to nourish your skin. Right from mud-based (clay) masks to other peeling masks, all work on removing dirt, excess oil and debris from open pores of your skin. Again, no need to overdo stuff, apply one every week with cucumber pieces on your eyes to soothe your eyes and skin both!

Image source: The Trendspotter 

Who doesn’t like to look good?! Try this routine and see your skin glow and love you back. Nature gives you the face you have at 20; it is up to you to merit the face you have at 50.

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