5 Things Every Bride Must Do a Day After her Wedding

5 Things Every Bride Must Do a Day After her Wedding

The longest roller coaster ride aka your wedding has come to an end. Yes, it is over! Unbelievable, right? Those months of planning every little detail from scratch, lehenga trials, getting hold of suitable vendors, trying out a gazillion different health plans, going through magazines and Instagram pages for wedding inspiration, trying to coordinate with friends and family, everything is behind you.


I know you must be exhausted with all the banter, fake smiling for hours, dancing, and carrying the weight of that 13847kgs lehenga everywhere. However, there is a lit of things you ought to do a day after your wedding. No, you cannot deny them and no, you definitely cannot ignore them.


 Wondering what these things are? Here’s a sneak peek:





After one of the most important events of your life, it is understandable that you are extremely exhausted and need some time off. You don’t need to spring into action the morning after your wedding. It is best if you catch up on some much-needed sleep and slip into a ‘Switch Off’ mode!


2. Open your gifts



Wedding season=A shower of gifts

Yes, you may have received a gazillion gifts from friends and family and now is the time to open them all up! Woohoo!


3. Thank one and all!



Many of your friends and relatives may have come from far off places or may have sacrificed a couple of plans to attend your D-day, to make it even more special for you. In view of this, it is best to tell them, ‘Thank You’. You could either take some time and send them handwritten notes by post or else you could simply send them a personalised text message.


4. Pack your wedding outfits



Your wedding lehenga is an important keepsake and you wouldn’t want it to be stained or spoiled. Firstly, send it for dry cleaning and ironing. Secondly, pack it nicely in a muslin cloth when it comes back from dry cleaning and store it in a cool place.


5. Prepare for the post-wedding rituals



If you have a couple of rituals lined up for the day after your wedding- for example cooking something sweet for the family members or participating in the ring game, you need to be prepared for them. Wake up early for the same and get your outfits and other things in order.


TIP: If at all your honeymoon is just around the corner you can start packing for that or else you could keep that for later.


Now that you have a list handy, all you have to do is mentally prepare yourself! 🙂

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