5 Things Not to Serve at Your Wedding Ceremony

5 Things Not to Serve at Your Wedding Ceremony

Food tasting and finalising what your wedding menu will consist of can be quite a task! You have to put your interests aside and concentrate more on how the menu will be more guest-friendly and caters to the needs of everyone.


A common mistake that most couples make is that they do not consider other factors- like the weather, whether there will be many kids at the wedding, the chef’s strong culinary skills, etc. Ignoring these factors could lead to a disaster, mainly because food is one of the most prominent elements of a wedding, that guests look forward to.


If you do not want to mess up the food bit, it is advisable that you keep the following tips handy:


1. Don’t make your guests too tipsy


It is advisable to have a little chat with the caterer or bar manager before the wedding about the drinks which can be served at the wedding. Preferably, they should be adding a mixer to the drinks. Also, it is best to avoid keeping shots, if you want a less messy affair. Moreover, it is a brilliant idea to ask the bartenders to serve a standard amount of alcohol in every drink.


2. Avoid food with strong smells


Food smells could be quite overpowering. You don’t want your guests to be entering a wedding and being greeted with strong, pungent smells. For example, ask the caterer to go slow on garlic, onion, and other condiments that exude such smells. You could also forego displaying stinky cheeses. If you have live food stations, keep them a bit away from the entire affair to avoid the strong aromas.


3. Stick to the chef’s strengths


When you sit down and have a meeting with the caterer before the wedding it is best if you ask him what is head chef’s strengths and weaknesses are. For example, you do not want to demand 10 different types of gourmet desserts from a chef who is not very comfortable with sweet treats. If certain dishes of his are a massive hit, incorporate them into your menu.


4. Avoid weather-sensitive food items


If you are hosting an outdoor wedding during a relatively warmer season, it is best to stick to minimal foods made from milk and milk products or any other items that may not last long during this season. For example, having a creamy cake on a hot day could be a disaster! Also, be careful about preserving items like salads.


5. Don’t over-experiment


No, I don’t mean you shouldn’t be very creative with your menu, but it’s best to know where to stop! Don’t go for everything vegan or gluten-free, as all the guests may not be comfortable with the same. Its best to keep at least 3-4 options when it comes to each course.


All set to impress your guests?


Cover images sources:

Image 1 (left): Ashleigh Haase

Image 2 (right): Rachel Havel Photography

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