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5 Things that a Couple must avoid in the first year of the Marriage!

5 Things that a Couple must avoid in the first year of the Marriage!


After getting done with the stress of planning and going through your wedding and bidding goodbye to your family, you and your husband might swiftly go on to the next phase – a normal routine of married couple, along with some romance and love!


You might have prepared yourself for the post wedding phase and imagined how good it would feel to have a partner as we all imagine our lives with a companion without whom our life is incomplete. However, what happens when reality hits us!?


Marriages don’t come with an instruction manual, but here are some things you might want to consider in the first year of your marriage.


1. Have a positive approach



Now that the reality has checked in, there are going to be times when the things you’ve loved about your partner will drive you crazy.

As they say “opposites attract”, but to an extent.

What to do: If there’s anything about your partner that drives you crazy, you need a positive approach! Request with a positive tone to alter the things that you are not able to cope up with.


2. You don’t want to be so stubborn



Sure, you are daddy’s little princess, but you are a grown up too…and now married! A perfect marriage or any relationship requires some adjustments and compromises by both the husband and the wife.

What to do: Not everything can go as per you and you need to adjust as the situation demands and learn to play for the same team.


3. Set your finances



Bills and finances are not the topics you want to discuss while you are at your honeymoon and trying to know your partner. But as soon as you tie the knot, you both are bound together to certain responsibilities.

What to do: To start the conversation, take baby steps and make it easy and much clearer. Plan out a day or two to work out the finances every month. One of you two will earn more, but that shouldn’t be an excuse to not let the other one involved and informed.


4. Learn to fight fair



Everyone has arguments and there are going to be a lot. There would be anger and resentment but what matters the most is you two dealing with it smartly.

What to do: Shouting, throwing things at each other or storming out on each other are things that you are going to regret later. So, sit down, talk through your disagreements and find a middle ground.


5. Balance your social life with your married life



Now that you are married, you dynamics, your priorities will change. Let’s say this you will be learning to adjust and get along with the new set of people but don’t forget your friends and yourself amidst that.

What to do: Take out two weekends for your friends and you! Ring them up, catch up with them and take your hubby along to let him gel along with your buds.


Oh, and don’t forget romance!

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