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5 Things to Expect from a Cancer Bride

5 Things to Expect from a Cancer Bride

Cancer women, give me a loud cheer! They say our season is almost over but hey, every season is our season *flips hair*! I have said this before and I’ll say it again- a Cancer woman is a pinata full of surprises. She is fiercely loyal, a tad too dramatic and always happy. She will cute her way out of things if she has too! Men, if you are all set to marry a woman born in the month of pearls and rubies, fasten your seatbelt and get ready for the roller coaster ride of a lifetime! You think you know her well but honey, you don’t. So what should you expect when you marry the sweetheart, the life of the party and everyone’s favourite? Read on!


1. Family Oriented


Image source: Stories by Joseph Radhik


There is a reason that she tears up every time she watches Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham and Baghban. Cancer women place their families on a pedestal. In a blink of an eye she will treat your family like her own. Don’t  be surprised if she goes out of her way to help your third cousin!


2. Emotional



 Cancer women are nothing if not emotional. Their eye taps are always loose. Smallest of things overwhelm them. Guess who cried for two hours during the vidaai? The Cancer bride! Don’t be fooled, she is also the strongest woman out there!


3. Planner



Trust me when I say this, the Cancer bride has planned her wedding since she was a kid. She is quite like Monica from Friends who maintains a big, fat wedding journal. FYI, don’t mess with her plans. She has already curated her sangeet songs list (probably choreographed as well), picked a colour for her lehenga and knows exactly what she is going to feed to her guests. So, when you plan to marry a Cancer woman, just know that you have to sit back and let her take the lead. She will make your work easier!


4. Romantic



Cancer women are SUPER romantic. The honeymoon period never really ends for them! So don’t be surprised if you receive small tokens of love every now and then. Random hugs and kisses are their favourite! Don’t ever say “oh why are you giving me so much” in a whiny tone. She will not hesitate to go all Taylor Swift on your ass!


5. Minimalist


Image source: Kulwant Singh Marrar

Makeup Artist: Doll You Up by S


A Cancer woman might be high on the drama, but she is quite the minimalist when it comes to her wedding. She will only invite her close family and friends (which is a task for her cause she holds everyone dear!) She will never take the OTT route and stick to pastels, nude makeup and a handful jewellery. Every case has exceptions for eg. Priyanka Chopra!


Just bombard your Cancer bride with hugs and kisses and you’re sorted!


Cover Photo: Stories by Joseph Radhik

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