5 Tips for Brides to Look Less Tired on their D-Day

5 Tips for Brides to Look Less Tired on their D-Day

We all are aware of how tiring wedding preparations can get.

Phew! The thought of it alone sends a cold shiver down my spine. Being a bride doesn’t only mean donning glamorous outfits and sitting pretty for all functions (eye roll).

There are loads more!


From meeting vendors to choreography sessions with BFFs, and outfit trials and last-minute shopping adventures, a bride has a cartload of things to do and keep in mind. And the worst part is- there cannot be any re-takes. Now, imagine looking tired on your D-day.


Done imagining? Scary, right?

You don’t want to look hung-over, tired and flaunt your dark circles on one of the most important days of your life.


Here are some tips you can consider using to look relatively fresh:


1. Use a white eyeliner on your lower waterline


If you are sleep deprived, this eyeliner makes your eyes look bright and fresh.

The white eyeliner makes your eyes look bigger and less tired.


2. Use a brightening concealer


Apply a brightening concealer that is one shade lighter than your skin colour, on the inner corners.

Voila! This will make your eyes look less tired and dull.


3. Use a blush


Rouge or blush is the best way to instantly get a glow on your face!

Don’t skip the blush on your wedding functions especially if you’re tired and you feel your skin looks sallow and dull.


4. Don’t ditch the mascara!


If you think the only thing a mascara does is defining your lashes, think again! 

Mascara can also help open your eyes and make them look really wide and big. This is a good trick to make your eyes look more prominent as well.


5. Use tea bags


If you want to get rid of puffiness, redness, dark circles, etc, you can use cold tea bags to your eyes for 15-20 minutes.


So, that’s about it ladies. Do follow these tips you want to looks as fresh as a daisy on your D-day!

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