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5 Tips to Avoid Conflicts with Parents During Your Wedding

5 Tips to Avoid Conflicts with Parents During Your Wedding

A wedding is a huge deal, a big decision, and something as overwhelming for parents, as it is for the bride and groom. Amidst the hullabaloo of planning, vendor-meetings, and shopping, mood swings may set in and there are chances you’re parents might also get a bit cranky. Unmanageable planning, deadlines, and added stress could lead to quite a stir and minor squabbles are inevitable.


Even the most amenable parents may start quarreling with their kids (bride and groom) when the wedding date draws closer. During such times, apart from the regular breathe-in-breathe-out thumb rule, there are a number of solutions you could put to use.


Here are some tips you could keep handy if you are planning to tie the knot soon and are facing similar issues at home or you fear that they may crop up anytime:


P.S- Winning a household debate won’t solve issues, finding a solution is key!


1.Stay calm


Flying tempers won’t get you anywhere!

By getting mad at your in-laws or parents will only make matters worse.  In fact, this will ruin your impression, create an unhealthy atmosphere, and create setbacks in the planning process.


2. Understand the issue


For instance, your parents are insisting on adding 30 guests to the lists, don’t simply deny for the sake of denying or because it may cause minor inconvenience. It is better to have a chat with your parents, understand why those guests are important and make them know why you cannot make changes in your guest list. Getting to the root cause of the issue is essential.


3. Allocate jobs


Don’t make your parents feel out of place or isolate them from the wedding planning process. It is best if you allocate certain jobs to them as well and make them feel like a part of everything.


4. Don’t try to make everyone happy


Yes, you aren’t biryani, guys, you can’t make everyone happy all at once! During the planning process, everyone has their own opinions and viewpoints. At times you may try to please parents, friends, your-to-be-spouse, etc. However, it is best if you try to create a fine balance to avoid conflicts and arguments.


5. Follow your heart


Naah! I am not trying to be all philosophical! All I am saying is that at the end, it is your special day, something you have dreamt about for years. It makes no sense to take extra stress, be unhappy and dissatisfied on your special occasion.


I hope these tips were helpful for you!

Good luck with handling your parents!

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