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5 Tips To Keep in Mind for a Monsoon Wedding

5 Tips To Keep in Mind for a Monsoon Wedding

Who said you cannot have your wedding during the monsoon season? It is a matter of proper planning and planning ahead of time to make sure your wedding is as smooth-sailing as possible.


Check out these 5 tips that you should keep in mind while planning your wedding for this season:


Get Playful with the Wedding Decor


Image Source: Sheridan Bryce Interiors


The skies may be gray and the general atmosphere may get gloomy but you can definitely perk up the mood by getting a little playful with the decor. You can have umbrellas hanging from the ceiling or raindrops and paper boat hangings as part of your decorations. 


This One is for the Bride!


Image Source: Magica by Rish Agarwal


All eyes are going to be on the bride. Fret not, she can smoothly sail through the wedding by keeping these points in mind. Choose bright colours and light fabrics for the bridal ensemble. Remember, it is crucial to apply waterproof, light and matte makeup; the damp and humid weather will only melt any heavy and cream-based makeup products.


Fresh Food is Best Food!


Image Source: Allison Price and Company


Plan ahead and inform the caterer about live stations. Guests will really enjoy if they will get to eat piping hot and fresh food such as bhajiyas, pav bhaji, jalebis, dosa, soup, etc. 


Fake it with Florals


Image Source: Kaushi Collection


Even if the weather forecast predicts fewer chances of rain on your wedding day, don’t take the risk. Make sure to use more fake flowers and less of real ones. While the real ones look fresher and prettier, they will wilt and die in the rain. Keep these super colourful too!


A Shoe Just For You


Image Source: One Thousand Words


It is obvious that the guests, as well as the couple, will be wearing fancy and expensive footwear – nobody wants to ruin those. To make it easier for the guests, keep a big basket of disposable flip flops at the entrance that will turn to be really handy for the guests while dancing too.

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