5 Tips to Keep in Mind for a Perfect Floral Hairdo

5 Tips to Keep in Mind for a Perfect Floral Hairdo

Hair accessories were always a thing when it came to decking up bridal buns or judaas. Brides these days are experimenting with exotic flowers and baby breaths. Whether you decide to have a perky bridal bun or a half-tie, fresh flowers add that extra gorgeousness to the overall ensemble.


However, flaunting the flowers does not only involve last-minute tucking in of flowers in the bun, but there are also a few thumb rules you could follow to WOW everyone with your look.


Here are a few tips you could keep handy if you want to accessorise your hair:


1. Know what you want


Zero in on a hairstyle well in advance- whether you want a light bun with a gajra wrapped around it or a flamboyant bun decked up with flowers. Be very clear about it with your stylist as well. Any last-minute changes to the hairstyle might cause panic.


2. Choose the flowers


After you have decided what your hairstyle should be, pick suitable flowers to flaunt on your tresses. Although you have a variety

of flowers to choose from, it is necessary to pick them wisely as not all flowers may suit your ensemble.

Orchids, lavenders and baby breaths are a great pick, but they don’t last very long. Most brides go in for jasmines, roses and carnations.


3. Refrigerate the flowers


Refrigerate your flowers before you use them. By doing this, the flowers appear more vibrant, colourful and last longer. It is best to place them in a bowl full of water and refrigerate them.


4. Don’t go OTT


Don’t overdo the flowers, or else you will end up ruining your ensemble. Play safe and keep it subtle, classy and minimal. Make sure it doesn’t end up looking like a big mess! Pick the dainty and tiny flowers, as opposed to the bulky ones. This way the bun won’t weigh you down too.


5. Add flowers after the setting spray


Applying the spray to set your hair leads to the flowers wilting faster. This makes the flowers appear to be half-dead and crushed. Make sure you add the flowers at the end.


Ladies, are y’all ready to rock the phools?

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