5 Tips to Tackle the Wedding Jitters

5 Tips to Tackle the Wedding Jitters


“With great power comes great responsibility.”

This was said by Peter Parker in Spider-man. And if you are wondering why I am quoting this here, is because being a bride-to-be involves just as many responsibilities as any superhero. This tag comes along with its own share of anxiety, jitters, emotional outbursts, and midnight cravings.


In the past five months, I’ve learnt it the hard way, after being a bridesmaid for three of my friends. I’ve seen them super happy and excited, and the next minute I’ve seen them laying on the bed crying hopelessly. From being a continuous supplier of tissues to making hot chocolate as late as 1: AM, I have seen it all! I am now a full-fledged agony aunt (self-proclaimed) and I am here to solve all your pre-wedding anxiety, stress and nervousness.


While the spotlight might be on you at all times and you have to be aware of the minutest of details, there are solutions to tackle this really well. Here are some tips which I thought I’ll share with all the brides-to-be:


1. It is OKAY!



Remember, it is OK to be jittery and anxious before your wedding. Don’t think it is only you, because every bride goes through this. Being under the spotlight is not easy for everyone and feeling pressure is normal. So, relax and take a deep breath. Look at the positives.


2. Allocate responsibilities



Don’t do everything yourself. Make sure you allocate wisely and don’t get bogged down by the load of all the work. Allocate people to tackle different vendors or for different ceremonies, whichever way you are comfortable. Make sure you appoint people who are trust-worthy and dependable.


3. Stay around your favourite people



You must be having a couple of favourites, wither from your family and friends. Do keep them close to you at all times. This will ensure you can get rid of the jitters faster and their presence will comfort you.


4. It is not only about you, so chill!



Of course the bride brings the maximum charm and grace to the wedding, at the end of the day it is not ONLY about the bride. It is also about the groom, the respective families and the guests present there. The moment you think you are not the epitome of attention, you are sorted.


5. What IF things go wrong?



From the moment you step out from your room till your vidaai, you are going to be tensed about those last minute glitches, goof ups and tiny disasters. My advice is that you shouldn’t care too much. Let things unfold organically and go with the flow.


So, brides-to-be, please enjoy your day to the fullest as this is your special day. At all times imagine yourself sitting by the beach, sipping on some chilled margarita and watching the waves lash against the shore. 

You all will thank me later 🙂

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