5 Tricks to Keep Your Wedding Lehenga as Good as New

5 Tricks to Keep Your Wedding Lehenga as Good as New

Your wedding festivities are done and dusted!

Phew! All those months of planning and shopping have come to an end. It is time to get back to reality- back to opening the wedding gifts you received, organizing your new room in a new house, and most importantly, stashing away your bridal couture or the lehenga you flaunted at your wedding.


There it is, your wedding lehenga- heavily embellished and replete with embroidery and zari work. Look at it.

Now, are you wondering what you should do with it? 

 Don’t worry, ladies. It is not rocket science. All you have to do is ensure it is packed away properly.


Here are some tips for the same:

P.S- Yes, yes. You can thank me later (does a hair flip)!


1. Dry Clean


The first and foremost step after you are done with your wedding revelries is to give all your outfits for dry cleaning.

It is best if you do not delay this much. It is common for the outfits to have sweat marks and probably some spots or stains,

the faster you give it for dry cleaning, the higher will be the chances of getting rid of them.


2. Ironing and Folding


Once it is back from dry cleaning, the next step is getting it ironed.

If you aren’t confident with ironing it perfectly, it is best to give it to professionals who are adept with taking care of it and not ruining the embroidery.

After you are done the ironing, I suggest you hang your lehenga to prevent any wrong folds.


3. Add muslin and cloves


Your wedding lehenga is bound to be heavy with ornate embroidery and embellishments.

You don’t want these to rub against each other and get entangled, right?

To avoid this, it is best to place a muslin cloth in between.

Moreover, you can wrap some cloves in a cloth and keep them near the lehenga to avoid pest infestation.


4. Re-pack


Subsequently put it back into the box, preferably in which you received it.

Make sure it is a spacious and sturdy box, which will make it easier for you to re-use it as and when required.


5. Storage


Preferably store the box in a cooler place.

You can put it inside your cupboard.

Once you store it, don’t forget about it completely! Remove your lehenga from the box regularly and allow it to breathe.

Stay tuned for more lehenga and bridal couture preservation tips!

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