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5 Unconventional Valetine’s Gift for your long distance partner!

5 Unconventional Valetine’s Gift for your long distance partner!


When my team asked me about my plans for the V-Day, I wiped fake tears and reminded them about the 1417 kms of distance between my partner and I. All the long distance ladies out there, put your hands up now! Valentine’s Day is around the corner but your partner is not! You can diss the day as much as you want but even your heart will flutter when you’ll receive the cliche flowers and chocolates at your doorstep.


Long distance is hard enough but small reminders of love keeps the boat afloat. I don’t think you need a better excuse than Valentine’s Day to shower some love on your boo. Here is a list of 5 valentine’s day gifts that’ll make long distance endurable!


1. Perfumed Scarf



Spritz your scarf with a perfume you wear daily. Make sure your scarf is literally bathing in the perfume. Seal it in an airtight box and send it away!


2. Activity



Take up an activity that they love but you don’t. For example, if you both love 2 different sports, make an attempt to understand their game, learn the nitty gritties and surprise them with your newfound knowledge! They’ll feel special as you went out of your way to get to know about something they absolutely love.


3. Food Basket



Nothing better than a basket full of food! Imagine the joy they’ll receive when they open the package to find all their food items in one place! Even better if they stay in hostel.


4. Old School Letters



Letters are beautiful and more meaningful than any WhatsApp message that you’ll craft. Pehle pyaar ki pehli chitti saajan ko de ja, kabutar jaa!


5. Cook!



If you are big on cooking or even if you aren’t, cook something that’ll last longer for your significant other. Ladoos, cake, biscuits, anything will do! I once made his favourite achaar! 😛


So, what are you planning for your long distance valentine this year?

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