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5 Useful Winter Hair Care Tips for Brides and Grooms

5 Useful Winter Hair Care Tips for Brides and Grooms

Come October and women all over (except Australia) brace themselves for hair-fall, dandruff, dry, damaged hair and the list goes on. The harsh winter wind is to hair what Cindrella’s stepmothers and stepsisters were to her. Remember Parachute’s ad that compared the girl’s hair with London’s dry weather? Gurl, you’ll end up with the same hair if you don’t take care! If you are tying the knot this winter or attending one or even if you are sitting at home, these useful tips will help you achieve (as the millennials call it) ‘hair goals’.


1. Champi



Oh, enough with your nonsense. The good old’ champi is the best solution for all your hair related woes. Honestly, don’t go for the big brands or the commercialised ones. Instead select a virgin, cold-pressed one. Make a concoction of 2-3 oils- choose from castor, coconut, olive, mustard and avocado. Warm it up a little and massage it on your scalp. Alternatively, apply ghee. The smell may kill you, but it’s worth it!


2. Routine Spas



You’ll have to commit to routine hair spas and other treatments at least twice a month. Go for treatments that aim at locking in moisture. Honestly, you deserve all that pampering, hon!


3. Conditioning



Conditioning your hair for winter is a necessity. Opt for silicone-free and paraben-free conditioner. Make sure you wash your hair only twice a week or else the chemicals will dry your hair out. Another option is to use a leave-in conditioner for added moisturization.


4. Avoid Heat 

It’s no surprise that heat damages your hair. And it’s no surprise that we can barely stop ourselves from styling our hair. For the next few months (until your wedding) don’t use any heat-inducing styling product. It will save your hair from a lot of damage, trust me.


5. Dry ‘em!



Dry your hair completely before you step out of the house. No, no hairdryer! Let it dry naturally. I understand time is of the essence in the morning but you honey, no pain, no gain!


Just follow these easy peasy lemon squeezy tips and your hair is ready to face the winters!

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