5 Ways to Protect Your Lehenga in the Monsoons

5 Ways to Protect Your Lehenga in the Monsoons

A comfy corner, a few cosy quilts, a book and a cup of chai. Yes, I just described the perfect rainy afternoon to you. We’ve been blessed with ample rainfall for weeks now. While monsoon is an ideal season, it can turn really nasty real soon. Do you know who monsoon is not friends with? Your ‘I-broke-the-bank-for-this’ lehenga. Your lehenga is easily one of the most expensive pieces of clothing in your wardrobe. If you don’t take proper measures to preserve it, chances are this damp weather will ruin it. Your heart will shatter into a million pieces if you come across your tattered lehenga riddled with moths. Save yourself from this very expensive heartbreak, dearie by just following these easy tips!


1. Wrap it Up



Make sure you’ve wrapped your lehenga carefully in a cotton or muslin cloth. Muslin cloth will help in keeping the permanent creases at bay. It also acts as an extra layer of protection. If you layer it with newspaper, zardosi work and gota patti will remain intact. Retain the bag/box that it came in and use it to store your lehenga.


2. Stuff It



Your lehengas is a feasting ground for moths. Naphthalene balls, neem leaves and clove will help you to battle with the moths. Stuff your lehenga box with these items unless you want to witness the moths’ glory!


3. Read the Label



Your lehenga will come with a label that dictates the rules. If not, ask the salesperson. They will guide you in the right direction and give you a great insight into the care of your lehenga. Make sure you ask for more pointers if you reside in a humid area.


4. No Stuffy Rooms



It is advisable to not store your lehenga in the stuffy rooms like the back of your wardrobe. Your garment needs to breathe so almirahs, huge wooden boxes or tijoris won’t do. Steer clear of wooden boxes as they tend to become damp during monsoon!


5. Get Rid of the Smell



When stored away for a long time clothes often have a damp, musty smell. Your lehenga is no different. To get rid of this smell spray a concoction of vodka and water (in equal parts) onto your lehenga.


Points to Remember


1. Send your lehenga for dry cleaning immediately. It will help to preserve the lehenga in its original form. Figure out the right dry cleaning plan that is suitable for lehenga and stick to it.


2. Air your lehenga at least once or twice every year.


3. Re-using your lehenga as an Anarkali or changing the blouse or dupatta will help you revive it as a completely new outfit.


Just a few steps and your lehenga will always remain in its prime!


Cover image: Shutterdown by Lakshya Chawla

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