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5 Wedding Day Surprises For Your Fiance That Will Blow His Mind

5  Wedding Day Surprises For Your Fiance That Will Blow His Mind


Be it a love note or an emotional video – wedding surprises make for great moments and memories. These moments can be inspired by something that you usually do, like grabbing a quick bite before the ceremony or stepping out of your comfort zone and doing something entirely unexpected. It will help you two de-stress after all the wedding planning and will surely make for a memorable moment, even if not captured on camera.

We here’s our top tricks for pulling off a wedding surprise on your wedding day. Some of these can also double up as a wedding present for the groom! We assure you dear brides, number five will be a show stealer. Take a look at these unique wedding surprises for more wedding gift inspiration!


Hire A Fancy Car or Bike of His Choice

Hire A Fancy Car or Bike of His Choice1clip_image001.jpg”/>

Image Credit: The Wedding Fotografos

You know that car or bike he always talks about and can’t stop staring at whenever it passes by? This is also the one you’ve always told him is too risky? Nothing speaks to a man more than your recognition of his need for speed, besides his stomach of course. Yes, that’s the one we are talking about! Surprise him by renting one such vehicle that’s on his list of desires and zoom way on a short romantic post marriage drive. This simple gesture speaks volumes about how much attention you pay to his hobbies and expresses oodles of love! Imagine you and him driving away in that fancy sports bike or limousine or a vintage car with the “Just Married” tag rattling behind you. Now ain’t that romantic?


Time Alone for a Quick Drink

Time Alone for a Quick Drink1clip_image002.jpg” src=”file:///C:UsersLenovoAppDataLocalTempmsohtmlclip1 1clip_image002.jpg”/>

Image Credit: Wedding Theka

Send him a love note and ask him to join you for a quick drink (shot, if you are being adventurous!) in a secret place. There is something about sneaking a moment that’s just for the two of you after becoming Mr and Mrs.  Nothing like a little private celebration before you are smothered under the heavy weight of endless rituals for the next several days anyway.  It could be a quick toast to the next step or a tequila shot to calm the wedding jitters – as long as it’s a special moment between you two, it’s bound to be just that – special!


Organize a Flash Mob

Organize a Flash Mob1clip_image003.jpg”/>

Image Credit: Youtube

This one is as much fun to practice as it is to watch! Gather your friends and family and put on your dancing shoes. There are plenty of videos and songs that you can check out for inspiration. Just make sure that you keep aside some time for practice and you will be all set to surprise your fiancé! With all the aunties, uncles and bachchaparty hitting the dance floor, this one is surely one of the most fun ways to make the surprise special! Take a look at our list of wedding songs for more ideas!


Invite an Unexpected Guest (But Make Sure it’s a Surprise & Not a Shock!)

Invite an Unexpected Guest (But Make Sure it’s a Surprise & Not a Shock!)1clip_image004.jpg”/>

Image Credit: iTV

Not everyone can have Obama as their surprise wedding guest, right? Remember that high school friend he kept talking about but somehow lost touch when they moved away to different cities? Yes, thanks to technology, it’s now possible to track down everyone you have ever known (well, almost)! However, if you are aiming for this one, make sure you subtly run it by your fiancé once (Hint: Just casually bring up the name and check his reaction!). You don’t wanna end up ruining his special day, do you now?


A Boudoir Shoot

A Boudoir Shoot1clip_image005.jpg”/>

Image Credit: Smashing Yolo

*Ahem, ahem*. Yeah, we know! It’s a bold one but nothing will set his heart pacing more than this one! Nothing like a little tease before the wedding to get him all excited for *cough* what’s about to come. There are many articles on how you can do fabulous things with this photo shoot and this is surely one way to take your fiancé by surprise.

Surprise on!

*Cover Image Credit: Hindustan Times

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