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6 Amazing Regional Indian Wedding Dishes

6 Amazing Regional Indian Wedding Dishes

India is home to innumerable regional communities and their delicious cuisines. Each community presents a varied range of authentic and delicious dishes that people generally get to enjoy during weddings.


Here’s a list of 6 authentic, regional dishes that you will get to enjoy at a community’s traditional wedding: 


Bengali – Mochar Paturi


Image Source: Silence Sings


While Macher Paturi is all about the marinated and steamed fish, Mochar Paturi is where banana blossoms are carefully cleaned and steamed in banana leaves. You fill find Mochar Paturi being enjoyed in a Bengali household on a vegetarian day or as a vegetarian substitute for Macher during a traditional Bengali wedding. In fact, in olden days, cutting and cleaning the mocha was considered as an essential trait if a Bengali girl who wanted to get married!


East Indian – Fugias


Image Source: Authenticook


Soft, pillowy and oh-so-delicious – that’s what I can describe Fugias as! This East Indian bread is a constant at family gatherings, special occasions and weddings. It is often served alongside Pork Indyal (Vindaloo) or East Indian Chicken Curry.


Rajput – Dal Baati Churma


Image Source: Hebbar’s Kitchen


A Rajput wedding translates into opulence. It is nothing short of a royal affair with every cultural and culinary moment being a memorable one. A typical Rajput wedding feast will consist of at least 50 dishes – that being at an averagely-sized Rajput wedding. A Rajput wedding feast is incomplete without its quintessential Dal Baati Churma. Spicy Panchmel dal served with the Baati (wheat balls) dunked in ghee and churma, sweetened and cardamom-flavoured mix of crushed baati.


Kodava – Pandi Curry with Kadambuttu


Image Source: Jose Ramapuram


Unlike most other wedding feasts in India, a Kodava (popularly known as Coorgi) wedding feast is largely about the meat, especially the spicy Pandi (pork) curry served with Kadambuttu (rice balls). Back in the day, the men used to go out on hunting expeditions and bring back wild boar as the day’s catch. As the animal’s number began to dwindle, hunting was banned but pork is till date an essential part of any celebratory feast in Kodagu (Coorg).


Sindhi – Singar ji Mithai


Image Source: Sindhi Rasoi


Taking a jump to the sweet delicacies of India, where do I even begin? The list is endless! My favourite regional Indian dessert served at weddings is a Sindhi sweet, Singar ji Mithai. It is basically made with unsalted sev, khoya, milk and dry fruits and tastes divine.


Assamese – Pitha


Image Source: Archana’s Kitchen


Rice is a staple in Assamese cuisine. From appetizers to main course and desserts, rice plays an important role in some form or the other. Pitha is a popular Assamese dessert made with rice paste. A Pitha is basically a thin pancake stuffed with sweet coconut paste or sweet black or white sesame seed paste. It can either be dried or dipped in condensed milk. Generally, at a traditional Assamese wedding, there will be a variety available such as Til Pitha, Ghila Pitha, Sunga Pitha, Uhuwa Pitha, Tekeli Pitha, Deksi Pitha, etc.

Have you tried any of these dishes?

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