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6 Indian Indie Qurantunes to Hear when Missing your Special One this Lockdown!

6 Indian Indie Qurantunes to Hear when Missing your Special One this Lockdown!

Though these times are unprecedented, the idea of ‘longing in love’ is not new. On the contrary it happens to be one of the most explored and widely portrayed one in various art forms world over. The sufi concept of hijr (separation) and visal (union) has been the inspiration for some of the most path-breaking creations in literature, music, painting and cinema. Famous love folklores also rest on the same idea. Such is the enigma and mysticism of these feelings, that they do not cease to charm generations after generations!

No matter the timeline, day or age, only the expressionism of love has changed and will change with time. The core of the essence still remains intact. So matter the fact that lovers in the past were separated over tribes, lineage, political or even geographical issues or just like today’s covid-19 world where the entire human species is compelled to remain indoors, the nostalgia of missing and longing for your beloved is timeless and boundless:)

We thought to add a musical flavour to your missing by putting this list together for you. A rather indie musical one! If you’re done and dusted with those film songs, old classics and love-song of every era, it’s time to hear something new 🙂 Besides, there’s no harm exploring some new music this lockdown season too. Happy humming to you! 

Tune Kaha- Prateek Kuhad

One of the most successful indie musicians of our time, Prateek Kuhad’s soulful lyrics and melodious rhythms never cease to charm us. It is not for nothing his admirer’s list includes President Obama himself! This rendition wrapped in simplicity, timeless nostalgia and old-school vibes, will take you back to the memories of the first time your special one gave you butterflies in the tummy 🙂

Raah Piya- Pakshee

In their signature style of ‘east meets west’, this New Delhi based band’s creation Raah Piya marries Indian classical music with jazz to bring alive the feelings of longing without really making you sob! You’re sure to experience the beauty of your emotions with this deep yet uplifting gem!

Tera Jeya Hor Disda- The Yellow Diary

Ever wondered if your heart could literally melt listening to alternative rock, that too with punjabi lyrics (considering punjabi music today is synonymous with party songs)? This Mumbai Based indie band’s version will do that for you! Celebrate the distant beloved with this soothing melody that sounds like a divine dervish swirl!

Wagairah Wagairah- Ankur Tiwari & The Ghalat Family

Get transported to a world that is dreamy, raw and innocent while reminiscing the good times with your partner with this magical melody. A celebrated poster boy of the desi indie music scene, Ankur breathes life into the heartwarming lyrics with his soulful voice. As a side tip, it is best to enjoy this one with a glass of wine 🙂

Dilnawaz- The Local Train

Let your missing not just be about tears and choking. Rather, Delhi based Local Train’s Dilnawaz will make you feel euphoric about it! Euphoric about your ‘only one’,of being in love and just the idea of love. For all the strength you need to hang in there just a little more, this is your pick.

Though I Know- Tajdar Junaid

Let your longings groove to this nearly country music vibe created by the multi-talented instrumentalist Tajdar Junaid. Subtle yet full of depth, old-worldly and reminiscent of a time when the idea of romance was full of simplicity and warmth, this one is sure to stay with you 🙂  

Dear dreamers and lovers, here’s leaving you on this musical note with lots of bliss and strength!

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