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6 Makeup Mistakes to Avoid on your Wedding Day

6 Makeup Mistakes to Avoid on your Wedding Day

A bride has to look perfect on the day she steps into her new life with her husband. It’s that day when everyone from the bride and the groom’s side of the family is present to witness the ceremony that is nothing short of a spectacle during every ceremony. Picture a situation where the couple is taking their vows and the bride’s foundation starts wearing out because it wasn’t adapting to the weather or if there’s a weird lipstick smudge. How would look like in real life and on cameras? 

In order to spare you from the horror, we decided to give you some tips from our in-house makeup experts that will tell you the mistakes you could be making and ways to avoid them. Let’s dive into it!

1) Choosing A Makeup Look That Doesn’t Look Like You

Image Source: Ayoti.in

Before you read this, we’d like to tell you that makeup is very subjective and to each one her own. However, if you’re reading this, then you’re already a part of the weddingz family and you’re going to level up with your makeup. Do not settle for makeup that doesn’t make you look like yourself. You need to look as natural and as airbrushed on this day, so it’s important that you have a trial with your makeup artist and lockdown on two looks minimum!

2) Wearing The Wrong Foundation

Image Source: The Beauty Team UK

Please do not settle for anything brighter than your skin tone or darker than your skin tone. It is your wedding day and you don’t need to be throwing unnecessary bombs at your in-laws who will be seeing you in person for the rest of your life. Fix a makeup trial at least 3 months before your big day and wear your own skin-coloured foundation! 

3) Ignoring Facials & Skincare

Image Source: Klaramariedogan

The last thing you want on your wedding day is dry, flaky makeup that feels like an irritating layer of powder instead of natural flawless-looking skin. Your skincare routine must have exfoliants, mud-masking and hydrants that will prep your skin months before your wedding. Get your facial treatment 3 days before your wedding and voila! Hello fresh, dewy makeup, let’s break the internet! 

4) Not Using Waterproof Makeup 

Image Source: ilses_images

A wedding is an emotional event. You are going to end up crying either happy or sad tears, which is why you’ve got to make sure you’re makeup is waterproof especially when it comes to your mascara, eyeliner and blush. 

5) Forgetting Powder Proofing 

Image Source: The Cools

If you forget powder proofing aka baking, you’re going to end up crying not because of the emotional voltage but because your makeup will be runny on your day. You don’t want that, so direct your bride to let that undereye, upper lips, jawline and mouth area bake until it’s perfect and ready to go!

6) Asking A Friend To Do Your Makeup

Image Source: SohniJuneja

Getting a friend to do your makeup artist (unless she’s super close and you trust her) would mean you holding back from giving her feedback to avoid awkwardness. It’s best to get a professional to do your makeup so that you can guide her with what you want because it’s your day remember?

We’re Here To Make Sure You Put Your Best Face Forward!

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