6 Places in the world where you can sleep in a Bubble on your Honeymoon!

6 Places in the world where you can sleep in a Bubble on your Honeymoon!

A lot of couples are opting for a bubble room while on their honeymoon and these bubble rooms are gaining more and more popularity with time.  Why? Well, who won’t like to have the view of the breathtaking scenery in the front, while allowing you to sleep under the stars in the night?

Yes, this inflatable, transparent dome, allows it’s guests to cocoon themselves in nature without quite leaving their material comforts behind!! From desert domes to cozy countryside cocoons, here’s some of the coolest bubble hotels where you can stay when you are at your honeymoon:

Le Domaine des Bulles, Martinique :


This hotel features four bedrooms houses in bubble-like sleeping pods set in a rainforest. What’s more is that each bedroom is surrounded by a private garden with fences and thick foliage, ensuring total privacy of its guests! Also, they have WiFi, a coffee machine, mini bar, air conditioning along with  open-air showers and a stone plunge pool. It’s like living in a jungle with modern amenities!!

You can book it here.

Bubble Lodge Bois Chéri, Mauritius

This Bubble lodge which is set on the grounds of a tea plantation offers a panoramic view of jungle. Also, the en-suite rooms have a SkyView app which allows you to view the constellations from the comforts of your bed while allowing you to switch the illuminati that lights up the foliage at night. And if you thought, that was cool, here’s telling you, these individually-designed pods were created out of recyclable PVC by a Parisian designer, Pierre-Stéphane Dumas - meaning they are also environment friendly!

You can book it here.

Bubbletent, Australia

The rooms at this Bubbletent in Australia overlook the second-largest canyon in the world - the Capertee Valley. The remote location of this bubble hotel means there’s no haze on the horizon and it’s perfect for stargazing. Also, it’s also an Important Bird Area (IBA) and one of the top 50 bird watching areas in the world plus it comes with fire pits, telescopes coupled with a floating bed, hammock or love swing!!

You can book it here.

Five Million Star Hotel, Iceland



This bubble Hotel is located within 70 minutes-drive of Reykjavik. Meaning - in winter it gives a chance of seeing the Northern Lights while the summers makes it a perfect spot to sleep under the midnight sun and spot birds, butterflies and wildlife. Also, these private rooms which are heated and have access to a shared kitchen, toilet and shower.



Hotel Aire de Bardenas, Spain


Located in the Bardenas Reales Natural Park, these design-forward Aire de Bardenas bubble hotel offers the honeymooners, an opportunity to sleep under the moonlight with the endless views of the stunning desert landscape. What’s more is that these uber-chic spherical structures are connected by bubble tunnels and come appointed with bathroom, electricity, Wi-Fi, and a minibar!!

You can book it here.

Well well, where are you packing your bags to?

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