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6 Skincare Rituals for a Bride Two Months Before her Wedding

6 Skincare Rituals for a Bride Two Months Before her Wedding

A skincare routine must not be inspired by a wedding but if you have neglected it so far, well it’s time to wake up now. We as humans are blessed, as our skin can adapt fast to the environment but a bridal glow is a serious business. Start at least two months in advance and you are good to go.

1. The Dermat Is Your Best Friend

Image Source: Institut Wagner

Schedule an appointment with a dermatologist. If you gave bigger concerns like acne or big pores, it makes sense to start treatment a little earlier. In that scenario, some deep treatments will be needed like chemical peels etc. If you are blessed with good skin then certain superficial treatment will ensure that heavenly glow.

2. Water Therapy

Image Source: Tami Ramirhez

You have been in a dizzy whirlpool preparing for your wedding and you are this close to losing it. Don’t let temptations get to you. Ditch the Sugar. Divorce junk food. Dump the alcohol. Yes for a millionth-time girl, drink the water. You know all about it, but for the sake of the record, it keeps the skin hydrated. It expels toxins from the body. Reduces bloating. Clears acne and the cherry on the top is added shine to your skin.

3. Exercise, Meditate

Image Source: Trivalleydesi

Start a healthy exercise regime. Nothing too strenuous as you will end up looking haggard and exhausted. Target three days a week. Any form of exercise that works for you. Try the new Bollywood training, it’s our own desi answer to Zumba. 

Exercising ensures that you throw out a lot of toxins through sweat. It opens up the pores leading to the clearing of acne and hence a healthy glow.

We suggest you include a small meditation routine to your workouts. A tranquil mind leads to a calm body and clear skin. Oh yes and better focus. As a bride to be, you have to be at the top of your game right?

4. Moisturize Sunscreen Serum

Image Source: Thesknbrand

A skincare routine does not have to be about a hundred products. In fact, it’s as simple as a day and night regime.

Start your day with a gentle exfoliating face wash. Load up yourself with a good moisturizer. If you are going to be outdoor do not skip the sunscreen. It’s almost a biblical rule. And now, just because you applied sunscreen, that does not mean you can be the al fresco queen. Try to save yourself from the sun damage as much as you can. 

The nights are for the repair of the damage done. Your only saviour is a vitamin C serum.  Choose any brand that works for you, but make this regime your mantra.

5. Body Perfect

Image Source: Style Caster

Don’t just focus on your face. Skincare should include the entire body. Again the rules are simple. Exfoliate and moisturize. Say that again!!! Get yourself a good moisturizer that has almond oil or vitamin E in it. For when you will be shedding weight the moisturizer will help keep the skin supple.

6. Multivitamins

Image Source: Turmeric latte

Start a course of multivitamins. It will give you a healthy body, glowing skin, shiny hair and an agile mind. 

Omega 3, Vitamin C capsules, Calcium are the good options.

And if you want to go organic then go for Amla and Aloe Vera juice. Trust your granny on this one, have a Turmeric latte before bedtime every night and be ready for miraculous results.

Stick to these rituals and we assure you a certification of the perfect bridal skin

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