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6 Ways to Take Care of your Skin with Zero Products

The world has repeatedly informed us that in order to achieve flawless skin, one should you 1890 products worth a million bucks. Well, screw what they say! It is actually quite easy to take care of your skin and it doesn’t require many products. Although genetics plays a large role in your skin’s appearance, there are many factors that you can control. So before you step out for a beauty haul, read this blog and decide if you really need your cabinet shelves overflowing with products! 

1. Diet

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Glowing skin is a mean feat and it can’t be achieved unless you have control over your diet. This means you’ll have to bid farewell to dairy products, alcohol and sugar. Specially sugar! Also, let’s not forget our dear gut. If your gut is not healthy, it will directly reflect on your skin and health. Start consuming foods that are good for your gut- like drinking apple cider vinegar with warm water every morning. A happy gut and a balanced diet will result in happier skin!

2. Sleep

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The term ‘beauty sleep’ was not coined in vain. It is important for your body to get enough rest every night for at least 7-8 hours. Your body repairs itself while you are sleeping and that includes your skin. Sleeping also increases the production of new collagen which helps in younger-looking, plump skin.

3. Reduce the Sun-Time

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There is no substitute for sunscreen. But just cause you’ve applied sunscreen, doesn’t mean you have to go for sunbathing. Sun is the number one cause of ageing, dark spots and wrinkles. Let’s put a cap on the sun-time, okay? Stay away from direct sunlight and always wear a scarf and sunglasses when you step out. 

4. Water

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I know I sound like a broken record right now, but YOU HAVE TO DRINK AT LEAST 3 LITERS OF WATER every day! It’s non-negotiable. Your skin will look tired and dull if you are dehydrated. Agreed it will turn you into a pee monster but you’ll be thankful for the wonders that it will do to your skin and body. 

5. Exercise

Science says that exercise is not only good for your flab but also for your fab skin. The sweat and perspiration after a workout removes toxins from your skin- you can consider it as a mini facial. Exercise also regulates blood circulation which disperses oxygen to the skin. One should exercise at least thrice a week in order to achieve a healthy glow.

6. Keep Stress at Bay

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Keeping stress at bay is of utmost importance. Once you start stressing out, so does your skin. Have you noticed sudden pimples on your face when you are tensed? I have. Then I end up stressing about the bloody pimple! The best thing to do in such situations is to keep a clear mind, meditate and practice yoga often. 

Say hello to flawless skin, gorgeous! 

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