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7 Autumn Colours And Decorations To Look At For The Perfect Wedding Theme

7 Autumn Colours And Decorations To Look At For The Perfect Wedding Theme

The fall is full of gorgeous shades and hues ranging from oranges to the darkest blacks to peach and a beautiful deep green. If you do plan on getting married anywhere during October to the first week of December, why not incorporate some of these colours into your wedding theme? Trust us you will not be disappointed. We’ve taken the trouble to narrow some of our favourite fall colours but the autumn palette is endless. 


1. Earthy Deep Brown

Image Source: festivalbrides


Brown is most definitely the first one on the list. As the leaves fall off the trees, we are left with these shades of brown which stretch out for miles. The pumpkins added here to this spread gives it a more Halloween feel but also add that touch of warmth along with the cold wind that blows through. The earthenware cutlery settings are rustic and the perfect theme for anyone planning to get married during this time. 


2. True Red

Image Source: greensinner


Now red can be played with, in a number of ways. Adding other colours to this gorgeous shade gives it more depth and drama. We see two different ways to use red, one as a part of the wedding entourage and two using it as it is naturally available in nature at this time. The wall of red leaves complemented with the red bricks makes this a fan favourite autumn colour. The bridal bouquet with hints of blue, pink, yellow complete the look providing the couple with a unique and very stylish yet simple wedding theme.


3. Salmon

Image Source: shyamalbhumika


This delicious colour is a mix of pinkish-orange to light pink colours that complement the Indian skin tone. This intricately designed lehenga is a great way of incorporating the colour salmon into your autumn theme. The rudy red jewel necklace and earrings give the outfit a perfect sense of warmth. The pink cotton candy champagne is that hint of sugar you didn’t know you needed for a wedding theme. 


4. Black

Image Source: ferngodfreyweddings


Though black may not seem like the happiest of colours, it is one great royalty and poise. Playing with the colour black in your wedding them will help you bring in a feel of class to your theme. There are many ways this dark and mysterious colour can be used. The gorgeous cape that the bride dawns on her shoulder to the delicious black wedding cake with autumn flower toppers. If you’re not keen on using black in your decorations, you can use the colour for your bridesmaids’ dresses and we know everyone loves their little black dresses. 


5. Dark Green

Image Source: sabyachiofficial


We look at green as a fading colour, especially during the fall. It turns in these rich brooding shades that flatter this connected season. The dark green or moss green is something that is very prominent at this time. Green can be incorporated into designs and decorations. Green though is a safe bet when it comes to picking your autumn theme. So if you want to go unique try the range of shades that season holds dear.


6. Orange Rust

Image Source: thesweetthingcakery


The must-have autumn colour is the one and only orange rust. This colour screams fall and can be used in numerous ways for the perfect autumn theme. From the cake to corsages the choices are endless. Try orange rust bridesmaids dresses, add some dried orange flowers to bouquets and decorations are just some of the ways you can incorporate orange into your special day. 


7. A Mix Of Autumn Colours

Image Source: goldleafevent


If you have ever walked through a forest during autumn, it may be difficult to point out the number of colours that surround you. These mix of shades make your autumn wedding complete. With a range of colours from a single colour or a mix of multiple colours, take your autumn wedding to the next level of weddings and let your imagination run wild!


Fall is the best time to get married to the beautiful weather. Make it even more beautiful with your perfect autumn theme!

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