7 Brilliant Welcome Gift Ideas for your Wedding Guests

7 Brilliant Welcome Gift Ideas for your Wedding Guests

Wedding guests are such sweet people. They readily agree to be a part of your celebrations and even sit through the long vidhis while you are busy getting married. Not to forget, they come bearing gifts! Now, don’t these cuties deserve a special gift, especially if it’s a destination wedding and they have travelled miles to be with you? Give them a small surprise by arranging a special gift for them in their hotel rooms. A tray or basket full of nashta sounds good, but let’s  take a step further and arrange for something they’d love and won’t throw away! Here is a list of 7 such hotel room favours for your wedding guests-


1. Candles


Image source: The Maeva Store


Nothing spells a good gift like some candles. The Maeva Store has an array of fragrances in cute bottles and teacups! Bundle up some twine and candles in a box and leave a cute note for your guests to read. Voila! You now have a suitable room favour for the guests.


2. Self Care Kit


Image source: Teak and Twine


Everyone deserves some spa time. Customise a spa box or self care box for your guests and trust me they will fall in love with you more!


3. Breakfast in Bed



If your wedding guests are anything like me (always sleepy and hungry) then they will love this breakfast in bedroom favour. Make sure to include items like tea/coffee, granola, cereal, cookies, etc. You can add a newspaper for an authentic touch!


4. A Luxury Box


Image source: Simone LeBlanc


A luxury gift box will leave a lasting impression on your guests. Some top-notch chocolates, blended teas, a vial of expensive liquor, a small perfume…the list goes on!


5. Tea



Indians love chai and can drink it any time of the day! Take advantage of this love and curate a box of assorted tea for your peeps! Throw in some fancy tea and confetti (‘cause why not?), a brewing bottle and a strainer.


6. Eco Friendly Welcome Kit


Image source: Beginnings For You


Prakriti, the cutest sister of the bride made eco-friendly wedding gifts. She replaced paper with plastic and assembled some savoury snacks, some biscuits, drinks, energy bars, a small cute bag with a mint, a sewing kit, some Vicks toffee and Digene. She wrote a personal message on each such bag!


7. Hangover Kits


Image source: Something Turquoise


 Hangover kits are a must! After spoiling your guests with bottles of alcohol, it’s time to nurse them back to health. They should not sit through your ceremony with massive headaches or nausea. Some crocin, glucon-D sachets, coconut water and the likes.


These welcome gifts will definitely be cherished by your guests!


Image source Pinterest unless specified.

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