7 Comfortable Footwear Options for the Sangeet Night!

7 Comfortable Footwear Options for the Sangeet Night!

It’s an established fact that the day after sangeet you’ll be hungover, have a splitting head and will discover a few or more bandages on your feet. After dancing for hours in those uncomfortable high heels, one is bound to end up with sore feet with at least a few cuts. While heel pads are helpful, they don’t work after a few hours. A better option is to chuck the high heels and opt for something comfortable (don’t let Carrie Bradshaw and the girls hear this!) Trust me, you’ll save yourself from a huge pain. There are other footwear options that are just as stylish and chic as heels. Also, you don’t want to break yours or anyone else’s bones! Here are 7 alternatives to high heels that will save your hips while you’re busy swaying to Shakira!


1. Loafers


Image source: The Third Eye Photography


Loafers spell ‘comfort’ in bold. A pair of loafers will save your day!


2. Mules


Image source: The Label Life


Just like the animal, a mule is a crossover between a pointed toe ballerina and a slider. Chic and stylish, these babies won’t hurt you or your feet while you dance the night away!


3. Oxfords


Image source: The Label Life


The plain Jane oxford has received a much appreciated makeover. It is now pimped up to suit any occasion! I recommend that you stick to the tan ones. Nothing like a classic pair of oxfords!


4. Kolhapuri


Image source: Cine Love Productions


Maharashtrian locals, the Kolhapuris are gaining popularity amongst brides. You can add your own quirk to them to make them more wedding oriented. But be careful, Kolhapuris are not meant for wear-tear. They are delicate beings so handle with care!


5. Wedges


Image source: Steve Madden


Oh, the chubby cousin of pencil heels called to say hi! Wedges might look scary but they are so damn comfy!! You can definitely dance the entire night without worrying about sore feet.


6. Jutti


Image source: Fizzy Goblet


So many brides nowadays are wearing juttis instead of  high heels! They come in all types- dainty, shimmery, embroidered and what not! Surely, a healthier and comfier choice than heels, na?


7. Sneakers


Image source: A Knotty Tale

Outfit: Kalki Fashion


Ah, the good old sneakers! I don’t even need to explain how amazing they are. I mean, if Deepika changed into them so she could dance without worrying, why can’t you?


If you still wish to wear high heels, carry an extra pair of comfortable shoes you can wear before you start dancing! 

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