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7 Grooms Reveal the Crucial Advice They Received from Their Father-in-law!

7 Grooms Reveal the Crucial Advice They Received from Their Father-in-law!

I don’t need to emphasize the special bond that a father and a daughter share. It’s called ‘papa ki princess’ for a reason! Have you ever thought how difficult it is for a father to trust another man who enters his precious daughter’s life? It is probably one of the toughest things for them! The curious bug got the better of me and I asked around about the kind of responses – advice/warnings grooms have heard/received from their father in laws. Take a look at some adorable and some hilarious advice/threats that a father in law ‘bestowed ’ upon the groom!


1. Golden Advice



Groom Prathamesh Nalawade received pearls of wisdom from his father in law. Prathamesh said and I quote, “Right after we got engaged, during one of the days leading to our wedding, my father in law briefly advised me on the importance of setting aside a pot of gold for a rainy day. Not that I was oblivious of it, but the manner and timing of his advice was really impressionable and is etched in my mind till date.”


2. Papa Knows It!



Fathers know their daughters the best, don’t they? Himanshu Bhagat’s father in law let him in on his daughter’s secret. He told Himanshu, “Beta, all is good, I am happy you both are getting married. But… remember one thing she will only do what she wants. You may think she will listen to you but she will do only what she wants. You can keep trying!” Months later, when Himanshu confided in his new wife, she was taken aback, but pleasantly so!


3. Reassurance



Groom Pritesh Malade says that he has been quite lucky to not receive any sort of bashing from his father in law. His father in law’s worldly advises have saved him from panicky situations. Pritesh says, He also advises not to look at materialistic things a lot and focus on minimal needs. For me, it is too much to absorb, but at the back of my mind, it is relevant.”


4. Straight from the Expert!



To-be-groom Harish Nair’s father in law gave him the best piece of advice ever! He said, “During an argument, it’s you and her v/s the problem and not you v/s her.” I think everyone should keep this in mind!


5. Open Threats?



It’s been a few years since Sudhakar Saraswat got married, but he still remembers what his wife’s uncle told him during the vidaai. A father figure to Divya (the bride), her uncle said, “Dil ka tukda hai yeh mera. Meri beti se bhi badkar hai mere liye. Kuch kiya toh dekh lena!” Where is the damn tissue box when you need it?!


6. Trusting the Groom



Nihaar Pitale’s father-in-law surprised him by showing some trust in him. He told Nihar, “You’re a smart man who can take care of yourself and my daughter. Always take a wise decision and stick to it!”


7. Try Your Best



Sandeep’s father in law was quite straightforward with him. He bluntly told him “At least you try to make her happy!” Oopsy daisy!


What did your father in law tell you? Let me know by dropping a comment!

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