7 Ideas to have a Perfect Fairytale Wedding

7 Ideas to have a Perfect Fairytale Wedding


Hello, brides-to-be!

Do any of you have memories of how fascinated y’all were when y’all saw your first ever Disney princess movie. It could have been Alice in Wonderland, Snow White, Cinderella or The Beauty and the Beast.  Most of you must have donned a Disney princess dress, a dainty tiara over your head and applied some blush on your cheeks, while twirling in front of the mirror and imagining yourself as a real time princess; if y’all were anything like me 😛


Wasn’t it a delight to the eyes, watching the princess romancing her knight in shining armour, the sparkle, the fantasmorigal world filled with pure prettiness? Well, according to me every bride deserves to feel like a princess on her D-day. She deserves a wedding which is so magical and mesmerizing that she feels special!

I have curated a list of elements which are sure to make your fairytale wedding come to life:


1. Wedding signages


A Beauty and the Beast inspired simplistic wedding signage!



This signage mentioned all the most-romantic and popular Disney couples of all times. Not to miss the name of the couple getting married 🙂



How about this one with names of phantasmagorical locations on the wedding sign boards?



2. Bridesmaid favours


A Minnie Mouse themed bridesmaid hamper for the bride’s BFFs with a pretty pink hairband, a bottle of wine and loads more.



Bridesmaid badges inspired by different Disney princesses like Cinderella, Jasmine, Snow White and Mermaid.



I am in love with these princess-inspired hangers- they are minimalistic yet super-cute.



3. Table centerpieces


A gold ornate dainty pumpkin table centerpiece, with pastel-hued flowers. I am smitten by this Cinderella-themed decor element.



How cute is this quirky Princess and the Frog table centerpiece with a realistic-looking frog at the table!



This Beauty and the Beast table centerpiece with a pink flower enclosed in a glass case is a delight to the eyes!



Another Cinderella-themed pumpkin centerpiece which is a more subtle pick!



You can make your wedding affair more interesting by allocating different Disney movie names to different tables.



4. Photo booth


I am super-impressed by this photo booth idea with oversized book, the rustic flowers and foliage, the scrolls, ornate candle stands and books. It is more like a Disney theme in a nutshell.



5. Wedding cakes


A cake symbolizing a Disney movie with an oversized book and castle, using shiny colours is an attractive pick for your wedding cake.



A more colourful and bright castle as a wedding cake.



The magic is in the details!- This cake is proof enough. I am floored by the Beauty and the Beast figurines, the gold drapes made out of fondant, the carvings and the glass showcase with a rose right at the top.



A bright floral Cinderella-inspired wedding cake with a gold pumpkin carriage at the top.



6. Wedding Invites


A laser-cut invite with minute detailing is super-impressive.



I love this simple royal blue Disney themed invite with pop-ups. It is simple yet artistic. 



This Beauty and The Beast wedding invite has all the works!



7. Find your seat


‘Mirror mirror on the wall…’ I am sure y’all are familiar with this dialogue from ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’. This large mirror has the names of all the guests, making it easier for them to find their seats. 



Well, I am personally impressed and swooning over these different fairytale wedding elements and I am sure you cannot wait to have one already!


Images source: Pinterest

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