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7 Must-Have Bridal Shots for your Wedding Album

7 Must-Have Bridal Shots for your Wedding Album

As a bride, one does not only have to put efforts in the way she dresses but also in the way she poses in front of the camera. Yes, you read that right! ‘Which accessory should I flaunt?’, ‘Which profile of mine looks better?, ‘Should I pose or allow the photographer to capture candids?’ – some of the most common questions which pop up in the minds of brides on their D-day!


However, to make things super-simple, I’ve made a short checklist of all the must-have bridal shots which are non-negotiable and should definitely be a part of your album, other then the common full profile and side profile clicks.


Here you go:


1. A close-up of your face once you are completely ready!


Image source: The Photo Diary


2. One with a veil to add that extra bit of drama.


Image source: Shades


3. A shot of you getting ready is much desirable!


Image source: ArtCapture Production


4. A top shot to capture your hair accessories.


Image source: Plush Affairs


5. One showing off your gorgeous bridal bun.


Image source: Plush Affairs


6. Who doesn’t want to flaunt their beautiful choker and necklace?


Image source: Hitched and Clicked


7. And lastly, the oh-so-fascinating kaleeras and chooda.


Image source: Plush Affairs


Ready. Steady. Get Clicked!

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