7 Things to Keep in Mind Before you Start your Wedding Planning

7 Things to Keep in Mind Before you Start your Wedding Planning

A to-be-bride or groom usually finds herself or himself bogged down with too much going on around them what with managing hectic schedules, work, meeting vendors, taking important decisions, scouting for inspirational ideas and taking opinion from 1474903 people can be quite a daunting task! Well, the thought of it alone causes me to shudder.


Right from finalising your dates, venue, decor, outfits, guestlist, and gifts, you are directly and/or indirectly responsible for managing most of this! If you don’t want to be someone who regrets not taking crucial tips and advise,  you should get your hands on some quick pointers to smoothen your wedding planning process. You wouldn’t want to be a to-be-bride or groom who says, “I wish someone had told me that,” do you?


Here is a list of tips you could keep handy (you will thank me later):


1.Number of guests



This is something that you should finalise at the very beginning of your wedding planning process. Your venue selection, budgeting and a whole lot of factors depend on the approximate number of guests.


2. Book in advance



Make sure you book in advance, preferably more than six months before your wedding especially if you are getting hitched during a peak wedding season. You don’t want to be missing out on good venue options or face issues like lack of room availability.


3. Lighten the load



The easiest, fastest and best way to cut down your wedding expenditures by cutting down on the number of guests invited to the wedding. Filter your list wisely and don’t call people you bump into once in three years 😛


4. Meals for vendors



Along with a large number of guests you have to feed at the wedding, don’t forget about providing meals for your vendors. If you are on a tight budget, stick to preparing customised meal option for them separately. Don’t forget the musicians, photographer(s), decorators, etc.


5. Get organised



Take a large diary and start planning. Things get clearer when they are written down and sorted. Jot the names, numbers and email addresses of vendors. Also, add inspirational ideas, keep an update of the planning process and write down any extra details if required.


6. Don’t exhaust your funds



Almost every wedding faces some unforeseen expenditures. Make sure you do not exhaust all your wedding funds and keep a good amount of money aside.


7. Be realistic with time



If you have a whole lot of tasks pending one month away from your wedding, strike out three tasks. No, I don’t mean the crucial ones. You could let go off tasks like handmade favours for guests.


I am sure these tips will help you better for your D-day!

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