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7 Tips on Maintaining Relationships during Quarantine

Bahar se koi andar naa aa sake
Andar se koi bahar naa jaa sake
Socho kabhi aisa ho toh kya ho,
Socho kabhi aisa ho toh kya ho…

Sochna kya jo bhi hoga dekha jayega –  looks like these lyrics have come to life with Prime Minister Narendra Modi announcing a complete countrywide lockdown for 21 days! In a much-needed move, the country is now home quarantined for three weeks.

This means that you get more time to spend with your partner. Now, no matter how much you love them, being confined in the house with nowhere to go or to step out for 21 days straight can lead to quarrels every now and then!

In fact, as the three-month-long quarantine period came to an end in China, the country saw a major rise in divorce applications. Whether this was because the courts were shut or because the couples realized they don’t have much in common is anyone’s guess.

So, now that we’re in this position and we really want couples to avoid getting into this rut, we would like to share 7 tips on how you can maintain your relationship during quarantine:

1. Alone time is a must

Even though you are going to be with your partner 24*7 for a couple of days, it’s important to remember that you both need your ‘me time’. Take our time to read, chat with a friend, nap or whatever it is you want to do. Communicate with your partner so that they can utilize that time to do their own thing as well.

2. Time management

Most people are currently struggling to maintain their schedule. Whether they’re working from home or not, quarantine is taking a toll on all of us. If you’re not used to working from home or having your partner home for such long durations, you must both sit and plan it out. Set ground rules about interference and work timings mutually.

3. Regular dose of fresh air

Yes, we’re all supposed to be in our homes, keeping ourselves and the others safe but that doesn’t mean that you can’t go for a short walk on the building terrace or sit in the garden for a bit. Going outside will not only freshen you up but we humans need it. Also, the fresh air is great for your mental health.

4. Connect with your friends

Apart from making time for yourself, take some time to connect with your friends and loved ones. Make sure to get in touch with at least 2 people from the outside world. It’s important for your sanity and of course good to maintain relationships outside the home.

5. Communication is key

Communication is key, especially when you are quarantined for such a long time. There may be times when your partner loses their calm, but it’s for you to be empathetic and understanding during this time. Talk to them and watch how your relationship hits a new level of comfort. Apart from that, make sure you do something fun with your partner; play a game of UNO or Jenga, or enjoy a game of antakshari.

6. Plan indoor dates

Keep the suspense alive in your relationship as you plan special indoor dates for your partner. There’s nothing better than a surprise, is there?

7. Make the most of this time

Lastly, you’ve got this time to yourselves, make the most of it! If one of those couples who don’t get to see each other often and spend time together, this quarantine is a blessing. Now is the time to show love, show gratitude and be thankful.

*Play games
*Explore your intimate side
*Get naughty
*Be expressive
*Be caring

All image sourced from Alicia Souza

Tell us how you are spending your quarantine with BAE in the comments section.

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