7 Ways to Ace the Harry Potter Themed Wedding

7 Ways to Ace the Harry Potter Themed Wedding

“Yer a wizard, Harry.”

Still raises goosebumps on my skin anytime I come across Hagrid’s iconic statement. Decades have passed since Harry Potter made his appearance and forever etched his place in our hearts like the lightning scar on his forehead. Many of us have grown up living the magical world and experiencing the highs and lows with the characters.


What if I told you that you can make your wedding day equally as magical? Here are 7 ways (the most powerful number in the wizarding world) to make the wizarding world come alive at your wedding:


Wedding Invites


Image Source: Pinterest


Every Harry Potter fan has dreamed of receiving that Hogwarts acceptance letter in the mail. Imagine if you can make this come true for some? The only difference being it will be an invitation to your wedding. Customise your wedding invites to look like the Hogwarts letter, complete with the seal and Hogwarts school emblem stamped on. In case of a destination wedding, the invite should include a map (styled like the Marauders Map of course) that traces recreational activities and nearby places to visit.


Wedding Decor


Image Source: Crafting Cheerfully


Image Source: Marie Barcelo Photography


Get your creative juices flowing with the wedding decor! Harry Potter’s sellotaped specs on every table, candles lit, wall hangings with caricatures of all the characters, a  Harry Potter signpost that directs you to the various spots of the wedding celebration, have a photo booth with the ‘Have You Seen This Wizard?’ cut-out and so much more. Go ahead and make your wedding arch the Deathly Hallows!


Dress Robes




Image Sources: Etsy


Everything is Harry Potter-esque so it is obvious the bride and groom will incorporate certain elements in their outfits as well. The bride has options like having ‘Always’ engraved on the soles of her heels, having a snitch clip to secure her veil to her hair or wear a piece of jewellery in her Hogwarts house colours. For the groom, cufflinks with the stars or Harry’s lightning scar or bowtie in his Hogwarts house colours work well with the theme. Please do have the wedding bands placed inside a snitch!


The Cake


Image Source: Jennifer Juniper Photography


Image Source: By Brea


True Potterheads will go all out on customising the wedding cake as well. If the bride and groom are from different Hogwarts houses, make sure to showcase that in the cake. It has to represent the couple and the Harry Potter in all its glory. I mean, just look at those stunning cakes!


The Feast


Image Source: Caroline Potter


Image Source: Magic Weavers


Make sure to have several dishes that honours the theme. Of course, there need to be other food items on the menu as well to cater to the bigger count of guests. Serve Butterbeer as a beverage option, cupcakes with icing indicating iconic Harry Potter moments, etc. You can also have the caterer give special names to the dishes and drinks how Real Weddingz couple Yamini and Rishi did!


Sorting Ceremony


Image Source: Etsy


While entering the venue of the wedding, have each guest sorted into their Hogwarts house. The quickest way to do this will be to have each guest pick a chit but does that really do justice? A more appropriate way will be for each guest to answer 3-5 questions that will provide a  better idea of who belongs in which Hogwarts house. The guest can receive a brooch corresponding to the house colours he/she has been sorted in.


Wedding Favours


Image Source: Not So Idle Hands


Image Source: Little Frills


If your wedding was that magical, you need to bid farewell to the guests with some incredible favours, right? The wedding favours need to strike the perfect balance between ‘tugging at a Potterhead’s heartstrings’ and ‘relevant to any other guest who may not relate to Harry Potter’. Items like socks with ‘Dobby is a free elf’ etched on them, cake pops, a wand and mini potion vials that contain perfume work well.


Hope this turns to be helpful for the to-be-married Potterheads! Harry Potter will always be ‘The Boy Who Lived’ forever within us. Always.

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