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7 Wedding Duties for the Bride-to-be’s Brother

7 Wedding Duties for the Bride-to-be’s Brother

“My lil sis would snatch the remote from my hand and never allow me to watch what I wanted. Whenever she wanted to go out, Mom and Dad would ask me to accompany her, she forced me to comb her doll’s hair and apply nail polish on her teeny weeny nails when she was four. She used to spy on me, pull my hair and steal my food. All these memories flashed right in front of my eyes when I saw her standing at her wedding mandap, few minutes before the wedding ceremony started and I felt, Yaar, Riu kitni badi hogayi hai. My eyes were moist and I felt a lump in my throat, that day I just wanted to run up to her and say, Tu naa jaa…”- Anish Raizada, 32, who’s sister got married four months ago. 


For a sister, her brother is her superhero, role model, protector, and unofficial ATM 😛 He defends her, fights for her, protects her and does anything to bring a smile on her face. After a girl gets hitched, she is most likely to miss her Bhaiya. As a brother, you too have to fulfill some small responsibilities to ensure your sister’s D-day is a success.


Here is a list of duties you as a brother should keep handy if your sis is tying the knot anytime soon:


1. Accompany your sister EVERYWHERE


Your sister needs a whole lot of support during this period. She is jittery, nervous and so many things going on in her head. Support her in as many ways as you can. Accompany her if she has to go shopping, meet vendors or wants to take a break from all the ‘Shaadi ki tayaariyan’ and have some fun!


2. Have some fun with family


Although your sister will have a rocking time with her BFFs at her Bachelorette Party, she deserves to have some fun with family as well, especially with her cousins. Organize a night out or a pajama party, where she can let her hair down with her close ones before she ties the knot.


3. Dedicate a dance performance


Imagine the smile on your sister’s face when she sees the effort you have put in for her, by organizing a dance performance. Try to incorporate her favourite songs, add a bit of humour and that ‘behen-bhai ki nok jhok’.


4. Plan a surprise for her


Something you should definitely do for your sis, afterall who doesn’t like surprises. This is the time you should do your best to bring a smile on her face. Before she gets hitched, sponsor her trip with her BFFs to her favourite location or gift her something she always desired.


5. Make sure things are in place


A day prior to the wedding, you must shoulder the responsibility of doing a recce of the wedding venue and confirming if all the arrangements are in place. Whether it is the food, the decor or anything else, make sure it is on point.


6. Accompany her to the wedding venue


Be by her side and walk her down the aisle, with a phoolon ki chaadar. She needs you more than anyone else at this point. It is imperative to be supportive at this juncture.


7. Joota Chuppai


Yes, yes we know it is meant for the saalis or the bride’s sister. But, there is no written rule that a brother cannot participate in this. In fact, you should help the saalis and try to extract as much money and gifts possible from your jijaji 😛


All set to bid her adieu?

(Keep a tissue box handy)

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