7 Wedding hacks that every bride-to-be needs to know!

7 Wedding hacks that every bride-to-be needs to know!

You are going to lose your cool if anyone annoys you on your wedding day. Even if it is a harmless mosquito! There are chances that you will overlook certain things and land in unwanted trouble. To avoid mistakes and to ensure your D-Day is a smooth sail, we rounded up 7 hacks that will save you and spare others from your wrath!


1. Heel Attachments



Heel attachments are a must for every function especially if you are going to wear pencil heels. Heels sink into the ground causing you to trip or twist your ankle. Heel attachments are you best friends, girl. Trust me on this one!


2. Mosquito Repellent Perfume



If your function is going to be held in an open air venue, you need to be geared up for the swarm of mosquitoes that will come your way. No, Odomos will NOT do! Instead of lathering yourself with Odomos, bathe in a mosquito repellant perfume. A good option is Victoria Secret’s Bombshell.


3. Bra


Image source: Mohit Jaura Photography


Ditch the uncomfortable strapless bra and silicone pasties. Instead get your strapless bra sewn inside your blouse (no, not pads) and you’ll be at utmost comfort without worrying about the awkward bra moments.


4. Deconstructing the Bun


Image source – Neha Devgan Makeovers


Here is a great trick to help you with deconstruction of the bridal bun- wet your hair thoroughly, put on conditioner and use your fingers to detangle your hair slowly. It’ll take time but it will be less painful.


5. Dupatta Weights


Image source: Bhargav Boppa


Beach weddings are a lot of fun but you also have to take a lot of precautions at the same time. Attach some weights to end of your dupatta like heavy latkans so that it doesn’t fly away! Saving you on the windy day. 😉


6. Hunger Pangs


Ask your caterer to keep a small bag of food aside for you and your husband. If you get hungry at night, food will be by your side!


7. Mints



Keep some mints or a mouth freshener with you. Your mouth shouldn’t smell funky when you’re talking to the guests..and it should be fresh for the night after too..ahem!

These are 7 hacks to swear by, my brides to be! Extra precaution to make sure your day is breezy!

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