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8 Breathing Exercises to Help you Stay Calm on your Big Day

8 Breathing Exercises to Help you Stay Calm on your Big Day

Your wedding day is approaching fast and while it’s exciting you it is also overwhelming. You are anxious and stressed. Admit it, you have been compromising on your beauty sleep and desperately seeking respite. So girl, take a moment and BREATHE. Yes, that’s exactly what you need. Deep Breathing exercises. The benefits of deep breathing are plenty but let’s focus on how it can help you. 

Calms the mind. 

Relaxes you.

Expels toxins.

Makes you glow

We hope these 8 exercises help you regain your authentic self and make you the calmest bride ever!

1) Equal Breathing

Image Source: Pinterest 

Or the right way of breathing. This is the first step to correcting your flawed breathing.

Sit down in a comfortable position, you can even lie down. Close your eyes for better relaxation. Inhale for 4 counts, and exhale for 4 counts.

Inhalations and exhalations should be made only through the nose. Once you are comfortable increase the counts.

2) 4-7-8 Breathing

This is the most relaxing exercise. It helps you sleep better and you need that most right now. 

Sit down in a comfortable position. Keep your eyes closed for better relaxation. Press the tip of your tongue to the roof of your mouth, open your mouth a little, and exhale. 

Close your mouth and inhale through your nose for 4 counts. Then hold your breath for 7 counts. Finally, exhale slowly up to 8 counts.

Repeat 4 times, and work your way up to 8 repetitions.

3) Abdominal Breathing

For those who are stressed all the time and do not even realize how faulty their breathing pattern has become. It will take some time to correct your breathing but be consistent, you will get it eventually.

Place one hand on your chest and the other on the stomach. Inhale deeply through your nose, allowing the diaphragm to inflate. Slowly exhale.

Take 6–10 deep, slow breaths per minute.  This breathing technique can help reduce your heart rate and blood pressure.

Keep at it for 6 to 8 weeks, and the benefits will amaze you.

4) Alternate Nostril Breathing

Image Source: Soulserenitybysue

Time to put down that coffee mug as this powerful exercise is equivalent to it. You will be able to focus better hence you will plan better. Feeling re-energized is a side effect you can’t help.

Sit in a comfortable lotus pose. Hold out your dominant. Press the tips of your pointer and middle fingers into your palm, Keep the ring finger, pinky finger, and thumb extended.

With the thumb press one nostril. Inhale deeply through your open nostril. At the peak of inhalation, release the thumb, press your ring finger on the other nostril, and exhale.

Continue for 1–2 minutes before switching sides. 

5) Muscle Relaxing 

Image Source: Self_habitat

Almost like a mini spa this exercise is done by tensing and relaxing each muscle group so that you start feeling the tension leave your body.

Close your eyes and focus on tensing and relaxing muscle groups one at a time for 2 to 3 seconds. Start with your feet and toes, go onto the knees, thighs, glutes, chest, arms, hands, neck, jaw, and eyes. Maintain deep, slow breaths the entire time.

6) Shining Skull Exercise

Image Source: Alignmethodvr

This exercise works on the abdomen hence, it helps warm up the body. This leads to an unbelievable glow. So don’t skip this one.

Sit in an upright position with hands on your knees. Slowly inhale through your nose. Then exhale powerfully while tightening the core.

Focus mainly on the forceful exhale. Once comfortable hike up your pace and do 10 breaths.

7) Lion’s Breath

This yoga breathing practice helps relieve tension from your chest and face.

Sit in a comfortable position. Press your palms against your knees. Inhale deeply through the nose and open your eyes and mouth wide sticking your tongue out bringing the tip down toward the chin.

Contract the muscles of your throat as you exhale making a “ha” sound. Try to gaze at the tip of your nose. Repeat 2 to 3 times.

8) Breath Focus

A must-do. It’s more of meditation while you breathe right. 

Close your eyes. Breathe in. Imagine that the air is filled with a sense of peace and calm. Try to feel it throughout your body.

Breathe out. Imagine that the air leaves with your stress and tension.

Use a word or phrase to repeat in your mind. While breathing in say “I breathe in peace and calm. And as you breathe out, say in your mind, “I breathe out stress and tension.”

Image Source: Pinterest Unless Specified 

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