8 Brides and their Kaleera Drop Moments that Won us Over!

8 Brides and their Kaleera Drop Moments that Won us Over!

Whoever thought that Indian weddings comprise of only 3 main functions, definitely forgot about the chuda ceremony, puja and kaleere ceremony. How can one forget one of the best functions, the kaleere ceremony? Where the bride makes sure that at least one of the bridesmaids becomes a bride! Thankfully photographers nowadays capture these beautiful moments, allowing us to leaf through these memories anytime, anywhere. You'll agree with me when you see these cutie brides and their kaleera drop moments!


1. Not sparing her brother!


Image source: Sunny Dhiman Photography


2. The happiness on this sunshine bride's face is so evident!


Image source: Malvika Periwal Photography


3. I can understand this bride's excitement!


Image source: Dipak Studios


4. Determined to make one of them a future bride!


Image source: Studio Kelly Photography


5. This bridesmaid expected nothing else from this bride!


Image source: Khushi Film Art


6. It doesn't matter if you're a firang, Indians will always make you feel like a family!


Image source: Sunny Dhiman Photography


7. This bridesmaid is ready to become a bride soon!


Image source: Sunny Dhiman Photography


8. This duo knows how to pose for the shutterbugs


Image source: Dipak Studios

Bride: Innayat


I am sure you're convinced by now. You have to get a picture of your kaleere drop moment captured!

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