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8 Fusion Bridal Eye Makeup Trends that Look Stunning in Pictures

8 Fusion Bridal Eye Makeup Trends that Look Stunning in Pictures

The world of makeup is constantly evolving. So why shouldn’t bridal makeup evolve along with it? Weddings are an age-old tradition. Ceremonies and rituals continue to stand still but it is the details like the dress, your theme, the songs people dance to at the sangeet and of course your makeup that flip over time. We’ve picked up a few statement eye masterpieces straight from the runway. From bold eyebrows to the striking winged eyeliners, there are infinite possibilities. We love the way the colours accentuate the brides’ eyes. Let’s take a look! 

1) The Glitter Gradient Wing

Image Source: modelmalay

Creating this gorgeous shimmer look takes time and effort. We love the way the makeup artist has incorporated the eye shadow and the glitter to find that perfect blend. This look reminds us of a star-filled night sky. 

2) The Black Gel Wing

Image Source: raincornelius

Let’s say you are a bride of few words. You let your eyes speak on your behalf. This bold black wet look will help make your eyes pop while also leaving them with an unknown mystery. 

3) The Gustav Klimt Eye Look

Image Source: makeupbylousims 

Gustav Klimt is a painter from the 20th century. He is known for the masterpiece ‘The Woman In God.’ The artist in this look has added precise brush strokes to the eye. The gold foil along with the white gives the eye a royal and vibrant look. 

4) The Bedazzled Eye

Image Source: hellvertigo

The idea of adding jewels to the face is something the west has taken from India. But while we stick to bindi on the forehead, adding the stickers to the eyelid will give the bride a traditional look with a modern twist. 

5) The Splash Of Colour Eye Look

Image Source: makeup.coyote

This entirely nude look complete with a splash of blue on the eye is a great way to fuse together the new and old. The makeup artist has used the colour blue here but you can pick the shade closest to your outfit. 

6) The Royal Glitter Wing

Image Source: b.helagate 

Add a touch of gold to anything and it looks twice as good. This gel gold look makes the eye pop. The makeup artist has also added the glitter to the eyelashes adding depth to the eye. 

7) The Deep Blue Ocean Eye Look

Image Source: plant_kitten

A bold look for the bride who loves to make a style statement. The holographic glitter makes the eye look like a reflection of water. The colours intertwine well to form a beautiful and graceful look. 

8) The Added Eyeliner

Image Source: blyskitka 

In this look, the makeup artist has played with the bold black eyeliner rather than that of the shadow. The arrow type shade makes the eye look exotic and out of this world. 

Pick the eye look that speaks to you the most. But the time has come for the bold and magical bridal eye makeup!

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