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8 Hidden Wedding Costs that Nobody Told you about!

8 Hidden Wedding Costs that Nobody Told you about!

Budgeting is an important part of planning a wedding. The venue, decor, outfits, food, and gifts are some of the major areas on which you will be spending money. But, often you may miss out on other areas of expenditure and this could take your budgeting for a toss!


No, I am not freaking y’all out, all I am saying is you have to be prepared for some unforeseen expenditures, which you may have not considered while making your budget. From alterations of your wedding outfit to tipping your vendors, there are a whole lot of hidden costs involved in a wedding.


Here are areas which you should look out for:




Ideally, your wedding outfit is ready a couple of months before your D-day. However, a bride rarely takes this into consideration, which is almost inevitable till you finally wear your outfit for your wedding.


2. Overtime Fees


The wedding photographer, the DJ, and the videographer are paid to be at the wedding for only a stipulated number of hours. If the wedding runs longer than that, you will have to pay them more.


3. Transport


You will have to arrange for the transportation of many guests, to and fro from their accommodation.


4. Beauty Trials


Beauty trials are a must, especially if you want to get your wedding day look right. These are not free and not very reasonable either. They could cost up to 75% of the D-day price.


5. Unexpected Guests


Although most guests are likely to revert whether they will be attending your wedding ceremony or not, however, there may be some last-minute additions.


6. Vendor Meals and Tips


Most of your vendors will be at your wedding for more than eight hours a day and you have to ensure you provide them meals and it’s best if they are given good tips too. This will ensure they are charged up for the functions and can deliver better services.


7. Back-up plan


In case you are having an outdoor function, you can never really predict the weather (well, almost). Keep some funds aside in case you have to make some last-minute arrangements.


8. Licenses


Don’t forget that you will have to have licenses for everything- alcohol, music, fire and many other things.


Now, that you know you will have to keep some funds aside, start saving up!

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