8 Jhumars and Passa to Add to Your Bridal Jewellery Trousseau

8 Jhumars and Passa to Add to Your Bridal Jewellery Trousseau

The very mention of a jhumar or a passa instantly reminds me of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan looking like a million bucks in Umrao Jaan. She looked regal and the jewellery she wore was stunning, especially her jhumar or passa.


Wearing a jhumar or a Passa or a side-tikka as it is often called, is a common feature in Muslim and Sikh weddings. Obviously, it is a beautiful piece of jewellery and an important element in the bridal ensemble. While it is a popular piece of accessory today, as more and more brides are wearing it, its origins lie in the Mughal era in India. 


The origin of head ornaments began with the Mughals Emperors and their wives – they wore lots of stunning jewellery pieces. This is especially true for turban jewellery and jewelled pieces worn by women – the first, a special privilege of the Emperor. Jewellery styles constantly changed thanks to ever-changing European influences but Emperor Akbar was partial to the Iranian trends of his time. He wore a feather plume upright in his turban whereas Jehangir wore a plume with a large pearl in his turban. Regal turbans were bedecked with jewels or gem sets like Aigrette or Kalangi. Other ornaments worn by aristocratic men like Kalgi, Mukut, Kalangi, Sarpech, Turra, Sarpatti and Jigha.


Women wore a beautiful variety of head ornaments like Kotbiladar, Siphul, Sekra,  Binduli, Tikka and Jhumar. These were worn by the Empresses with their silk crowns. When within the palace, the women wore dainty head ornaments like the Jhumar or passa. These were crafted in gold or silver with gemstones, kundan and beads. 


Exciting, isn’t it? So, dear brides-to-be, here are really pretty and must-include Jhumars or passas to consider for your big day! 



1. Cascading Beauty

Image Source: Indian_Fashion_Closet

2. Fit for Royalty

Image Source: Pinterest


3. The Golden Touch



Image Source: Rangposh Jewels

4. The Navratan Stunner


Image Source: Pinterest

5. Fit for a Queen

Image Source: Rangposh Jewels

6. Wearing the Stars and Moon


Image Source: Rawayat Jewellery

7. The Antique Beauty 

Image Source: Rangposh Jewels

8. A Regal Wonder


Image Source: Pinterest


So, brides-to-be, what say? Add these gorgeous pieces to your bridal trousseau now!

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