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8 Non-Messy Food Ideas for your Pre-wedding Pool Party

8 Non-Messy Food Ideas for your Pre-wedding Pool Party

Arranging a pre-wedding pool party can get quite stressful, after all, it is difficult to make things fun and ensure that people are having a gala time! Apart from the quirky decor ideas, a funky theme, pool games, cutesy favours, comfy outfits and of course the pool :-P, food and drinks are a super-duper important aspect of a pool party.


Wondering why?

Well, after people have sat around the pool or had a swim, grooved to a few songs and soaked in the fun-filled ambiance, the next thing your guests will be expecting is food. Now, picking the right kind of food for a pool party is crucial. Guests don’t want anything heavy on the stomach, anything messy or anything very healthy while they are enjoying a pool party, after all, who doesn’t mind some guilty pleasure before the wedding festivities kick in? Also, a pool party will witness guests of all ages, including kids. It is clever to pick foods that will cater to most guests’ palettes.


Here are some food items you can consider to make your pool party a HIT:


1. Thank your guests for ‘Pop’ping by!


Image source: Abby Jiu Photography


For guests who want to eat something lighter, these mini bags filled with caramel popcorn is a good pick!

If you want you can serve other flavours of popcorn like tomato, salted, and cheese as well.


2. Crunch Fest


Image source: Pure 7 Studios


 The king of crunchies- nothing can replace a piping hot serving of homemade fries.

You can serve them in little paper cones as well, making it more hassle-free for guests. 

P.S- For the health-conscious ones have an alternative of sweet potato fries or baked fries.


3. Bite-sized burgers


 Image source: Pure 7 Studios


 At a pool party, some guests would prefer having a single helping of something which is relatively filling, so that they can spend more time enjoying the games rather than munching on food.


4. Pizzalicious


Image source: Diana Elizabeth


You would definitely agree that a party is incomplete without the all-time-favourite pizza. The good news is having one big slice of it is filling, you don’t need a container for it, and kids love it! You can choose the toppings based on the guests. Preferably have at least three varieties.


5. Kebabs on skewers


Image source: The Curious Chickpea


The ones who count their calorie intake would any day go in for kebabs and grilled vegetables over pizzas and burgers.

You could add grilled veggies like onions, cauliflower, tomatoes, and capsicum to either chunks of cottage cheese, chicken or lamb.

One skewer per person turns out to be extremely filling!


6. Hotdogs


Image source: KT Merry


The good news is you can have a spread of vegan, vegetarian, and non- 

vegetarian hotdogs. If you feel your guests might find them to be a tad bit dry you can always add ketchup or mustard sauce to them.


7. Mini Ice cream cones


Image source: Braedon Photography


Now, your guests are definitely not going to have the time nor patience to finish a large cone of ice cream. Serving mini cones will urge them to pick one. Not to miss the kids who will go gaga over this sweet treat! Make sure apart from other flavours you choose, you do keep a chocolate and strawberry flavour.


8. Sip-Sip


Image source: Pinterest


However old you get, the milkshake will always remain a favourite and a single sip of it transports you to your childhood days within seconds. Serving yummy flavours like banana, strawberry, chocolate, etc can prove to be quite a hit!




-Make sure you minimize the mess by keeping small portions, also ensuring zero wastage.

-Since most foods won’t be served in a plate or bowl, keep loads of toothpicks and tissues handy for guests.

-If your guestlist is more on the health-conscious side, keep alternatives accordingly.

-Don’t forget to serve at least two vegan foods. 


All set to serve your guests these lip-smacking foods?

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