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8 Tried & tested remedies to combat hangover! #WzWeddingTips

8 Tried & tested remedies to combat hangover! #WzWeddingTips

Gone are the days when only Campa Cola and vanilla ice cream were served at weddings. Now a days, we have 10 different cuisines, 6 course meals and most importantly, an open bar! Weddings make for  a great excuse to get drunk. After all, who says no to free ki daaru? If you are anything like the average human being, chances of you suffering from a massive hangover are ‘high’.

You don’t want your mum to shout at you for those puffy eyes, do you? You definitely don’t want a splitting headache while some or the other ritual is going on! Then my child, you have arrived to the right place. Scroll down to read some tried and tested methods to cure that hangover ASAP!


1. Hearty Breakfast



Eating a hearty breakfast the morning after drinking is one of the most common remedies. Breakfast helps you to maintain your blood sugar and negating the side effects of a hangover. Shaadi hai, you’ll definitely get to gorge on some delicious breakfast!


2. Fatty Food to the Rescue!



Grease and carbohydrates is a killer combination. What, don’t make a face! In more sophisticated words, gulp down those pizzas, burgers and other fried food before or while drinking. It will grease the intestines making it harder for them to absorb the alcohol.


3. Sip on those Electrolytes



Swearing about never drinking won’t help, but electrolytes definitely will. Sip on some lemon water or coconut water throughout the day. It replaces the sodium that you have lost the previous night, thus effectively helping in fighting the hangover.


4. Tomato Juice



What? You can gulp down Bloody Mary(s) but not some plain old tomato juice? Tomato juice is a complex combination of electrolytes and carbs. Drink up!


5. Bananas and Honey



Banana is an excellent source of potassium, vitamin B6 and C. You lose potassium through excessive sweat and pee. Thanks to those 8 shots of tequila, you’ll be eating bananas drizzled with honey like a baby!


6. Stay Hydrated



Listen to your mum when she asks you to drink 6 litres of water everyday. Don’t you realise, she is preparing you for the string of hangovers to come your way once you hit your 20’s? Jokes apart, it is necessary to stay hydrated during and after drinking. Alcohol causes dehydration which further deteriorates your condition. Water is your  best friend, buddy!


7. Hangover Pill



Many chemists sell specific pills that combat alcohol and let you have a hangover free day. These pills are supposed to be consumed before drinking.


8. Dumb it Down


Image source: The Cheesecake Project


A good idea is to not drink excessive alcohol. You’ll be saving yourself from liver damage, vomiting, headache and mumm’s chappals!


So, get drunk without any worries now!

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