8 Types of Lingerie to amp up your honeymoon game!

8 Types of Lingerie to amp up your honeymoon game!

I read somewhere that honeymoon is just a fancy term for a ‘sex-cation’. It’s a little  hard to argue on that topic. Honeymoon specific lingerie isn’t a thing but consider it as a cherry on top of your sex sundae! There is no denying in the fact that a simple lacy lingerie can turntables. I’ve heard numerous women say that lingerie boosts their confidence and instantly makes them feel powerful. Your honeymoon might be 5 days or 5 weeks long, but it can be fun to carry something special for each day! What’s more, it hardly occupies space (cause there is hardly anything!)


First things first, do not crumple your lingerie just to fit it into the given space. Lingerie demands care! Secondly, do not forget to carry your everyday lingerie! The fancy ones are a little uncomfortable and suitable only for shorter durations- they’ll come off within 7 minutes anyway!


Brides to be and other sexually active ladies, here is a list of all the sexy lingerie that you guys should carry in your honeymoon suitcase or to stack it (neatly!) in your wardrobe. Scroll down with caution, NSFW content ahead!




Bra is the sexiest part of lingerie and it is safe to say that everybody agrees with me. There are around 46 types of bra, but you need only these 3 to amp up the sexometer!


1. Balconette Bra



Balconette bras gives a gentle lift to the bust and a rounded appearance. It also reveals the top half of the breasts. Balconette bras can be easily found in stores. Ask for the lace ones!


2. Plunging Bra



Take a deep plunge into the sexy waters with plunging bras! They reveal just the right amount of cleavage. This bra dips in a U shape, a perfect fit for deep neck outfits.


3. Shelf Bra



Shelf bra is probably the spiciest of the lot. They have bifurcations within themselves- open cup, half cup and split cup. All three are self explanatory. 😛




Let’s talk about bra’s better half, the panty. Like bras, there are a million types of panties. But you need to pay attention to only a select few!


1. Thongs


Thongs need no introduction. Afterall, they are the most popular ones in the panty family. And if you are into flaunting your buns, why not opt for a G-string?


2. Crotchless Panty



The name says it all. Also, easy access! Let your cooch breath, ladies! Pair it with garters and stockings to give it an extra effect.


3. Edible Panties



This is strictly a don’t-wear-it-outside underwear. Made of candy/gummy/licorice, edible panties are a lot of fun. Meant for ahem hungry people ahem.




1. Babydolls



Babydolls are upgraded versions of a short nightdress. Upgraded to a sexy level btw. The lace and net ones are most famous! Wait, do I sound like a lingerie saleswoman?


2. Satin suits



A 4 piece satin suit will set the mood just right!


Okay too much internet for today. Back to puja-paath!

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