9 Instances which Prove Bridesmaids are Irreplaceable

9 Instances which Prove Bridesmaids are Irreplaceable

Yes, your family and relatives are an integral part of your wedding preparations and will be by your side at every step, however, your bridesmaids are an irreplaceable part of your wedding affair and you just cannot get hitched without them, can you?


Whether it is planning the craziest Bachelorette party, shopping with you, handling your mood swings or choreographing dance performances, a bridesmaid’s bond with you is nothing short of priceless. Your bridesmaid will be there with you whenever you need her. And ladies, you are undoubtedly going to miss the most after you tie the knot!


Here are some instances which prove that the bond between a bride and her bridesmaid is unbreakable:


1. Before you decide on tying the knot, your bridesmaid’s ‘YES’ is imperative! You don’t want to face her wrath, do you?



2. A true bridesmaid will have all the answers to your queries. From vendors to appointments, she will have it all sorted!



3. Whether or not y’all have similar tastes, likes and dislikes, she will still be by your side.



4. At least once a day the thought of being ‘made for each other’ crosses your mind. You guys are soulmates!



5. Your bridesmaid is your shopping partner and you need validation from her as to whether or not you are looking good or not.



6. Bing-watching shows, midnight cravings and guzzling down alcohol is something you as a bride are 99.999999999% to experience a few days before your D-day. A true bridesmaid will be your partner in crime!



7. When it comes to choreographing songs to perform at the wedding, you guys are whether in sync or not, will set the stage on fire!



8. Your ladies have got to walk you down the aisle to make it much more special!



9. Goodbyes are never easy!



I am not crying, you gals are!


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