9 Years On, Bitoo & Shruti’s Wedding Planning Do’s & Don’ts

9 Years On, Bitoo & Shruti’s Wedding Planning Do’s & Don’ts

Nine years ago Shruti Kakkar and Bitoo Sharma set foot in the wedding planning industry with a small rented shop and big dreams. Soon enough, the name Shaadi Mubarak was on everyone’s lips. With a fresh storyline, two relatable characters and our very own Dilli, Band Baaja Baaraat managed to grab the audiences’ attention. And you know what is the best part? The movie gave us Ranveer Singh in a small-town boy avatar who chose ‘binness’ over sugarcane farming life won everyone’s hearts. Lest I forget, Anushka Sharma as Shruti Kakkar was spot on!

It’s been nine years since Janakpuri ke Raja & Rani started their business. I am sure they have a lots of insights to share with us. So nine years later, here are five lessons that Shruti and Bitoo want to share with us-

1. Go Jhatak

Channel your jhatak personality and let your wedding decor show that you are not afraid to experiment. Go for bold colours, sequins and huge flower bouquets. You don’t have to be sophisticated all the time!

2. The Importance of Bread Pakora

Source: Tenor

In the first 20 minutes of the movie itself, the protagonists taught us the importance of break pakoras. You can sign deals by just saying “bread pakore ki kasam!”

3. Self Esteem

If there is one thing everyone should learn from Shruti and Bitoo, it is definitely their self-esteem. They started small with a team of 5 in Janak Puri. Soon they were planning weddings in Chattarpur Farms and accepting 2cr ke cheques! Trust your guts and go ahead with your instincts.

4. Don’t’ Deny your Feelings       

Source: Giphy

We know this already, but Shruti and Bitoo speak from experience. They denied the attraction and tried to stay away from each other. Their “jiske saath vyapaar karo, usse kabhi pyaar na karo” rule came in between and delayed their love story by a few more months. There is no point in denying your feelings, dearies!

5. Dancing   

Source: Giphy

The most important lesson of all- dance everywhere even if you have two left feet! Dance like nobody’s watching. In fact, Ranveer Singh recently revealed that he dances everywhere and anywhere- weddings, birthday parties, tonsures, etc. You don’t need a reason, you can always dance ainvayi ainvayi!

Here is to countless weddings and bread pakoras- cheers!

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