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A Beginner’s Guide for Planning a Fun Virtual Bash in Pandemic Times

If the COVID-19 pandemic has ruined your fun bachelorette, bridal shower or a much sought-after pre-wedding bash, then do not worry. Living in today’s day and age, this is no longer a challenge because the virtual world is here to save your day! The internet has now made it possible to even party online. While we understood that nothing beats a realistic bash, in times of uncertainty like these, where no one can exactly predict when things can go back to normal (and if there will be a ‘normal’) it is best to savour the moments with all the means one has. Hence you should totally embrace the ideas of a virtual party and transform your gloom into glee 🙂

To help you prepare for one, here are certain must-dos and things to keep in mind that will help you get started on what may just be a unique and fun sort of a thing for all! Read on to find out:

Send Out those E-Invites!

Image Source Punchbowl

First things first, pick a date, a pleasant template and put in all the relevant info and just shoot that fun e-invite out! Having a legit invite, a virtual form is one of the first things that will get you going and geared to host a virtual bash which all your invited folks will be eagerly looking forward to. Once you’ve sent it out there, you cannot afford to procrastinate or feel demotivated further. Hence begin with this!

Jazz Things Up with a Kickass Theme!

Image Source The Knot

Now that the date is set, get into the feel and mood of how you’d like your bash to be. Hence, choose a theme. We suggest going in for something fun and funny. It will be easy way easier to pull it off and get your folks engaged too.  Think out of the box, go back to your idea list and hunt, revisit your bookmarks or simply channel the inner spontaneity and creativity to make things lit and light 🙂

Let the Hidden Masterchef Come Out!

Image Source Taste of Home

So what if it’s a virtual party? It is but a party after all! Put those hidden culinary skills to practice. This lockdown anyway has made masterchefs out of most amateurs. Hence you every reason to not lag behind and don the chief’s hat! With a little help from family, friends and social media followers and accounts, you could actually turn this process into a fruitful bonding experience. Zero down on a few dishes and encourage your friends to follow suit.

Dear DIY Decor Champ, It is your Time to Shine!

Image Source Aliexpress

Beautifully do up your party space, corner or room in line with your theme. And this won’t be very difficult, thanks to the million DIY tutorials and posts out there. If origami or craft is already your thing, then it is time to shine the brightest. No matter the internal mood, a pleasant decor is sure to set anyone feeling happy and groovy!

Playlist Bina Kya Party Yaaron!

Image Source The Sunflower

You have no idea what watching videos of your friend’s dancing to your songs from different parts of the city, country or world feels like! These are sure to have you cracking even after years if you revisit them. To make such memories, and that too hilarious ones, all you need to do is hack up an awesome playlist! Besides, it’s also one of the best ways to cheer people up in gloomy times 🙂

How About Some Fun Games?

Image Source Pinterest

The fun doesn’t stop with the playlist, it actually begins with that. So have those who were too shy to dance or too creative for excuses get together and participate in a fun game! There are innumerable options available online, so don’t worry about straining yourself on that. 

Self-Care and Chill!

Image Source L’Oreal Paris

While you’ve kept yourself busy working round the clock, remember to take things slow, unwind and shower yourself with some self-love. A self-care home routine works wonders and is sure to get you rejuvenated in time for your virtual party. Apart from helping you put your best foot forward, something as simple as a mask or massage helps you release all the pent-up stress and just RELAX! 

Pick an Outfit, Nail the Make-up and Get Ready to Roll!

Image Source House of Designers

And finally, you need to ace your look for your own party! We suggest picking something light and easy-to-carry for this bash from home. A splendid jumpsuit, elegant dress or a lovely skirt with a crop work perfectly well. Accessorize cleverly, add a tinge of compact and blush, set the hair and get ready to rock and roll!

We’re certain you’ll agree after reading this, planning a virtual party can be pretty interesting and a hell lot of fun. Above all, it is extremely doable with the right kind of planning in place. Are you now ready to pull one off for you?

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