A Handy Checklist for Groom’s Bestman

A Handy Checklist for Groom’s Bestman


Before the bride and groom say “I do”, the one closest to the groom gets to say “I do” to be his best man who leads the pack of his groomsmen.


The best man is more than just a glorified groomsman. You become the groom’s go-to-guy to coordinate specific responsibilities from being a personal valet, handling the groom’s wedding ring to being the logistics guru.


So here we have listed down the important duties for you so that you can be the best version of the best man for your pal, the groom!


Pre-wedding duties and responsibilities


1. Organize the best bachelor party


A bachelor party is a must and the responsibility of planning and executing one for your soon to-be-groom is a top priority. Plan a short break and take the man out for a fun getaway. 

P.S. Share the cost among the groomsmen. You surely don’t want the groom paying the bills for his own bachelor party now, do you?


2. Organize a suit fitting for the groomsmen

Image Source: Photographick Studios


It’s the best man who coordinates with the groomsmen and the groom to choose their wedding attire for the D-day. And if there are any out-of-town groomsmen, then the best man takes care of their outfits, fittings, and even, picks them up from the designer.


3. Plan the Sangeet Choreography

Rehearse to break a leg


Image Source: Wedding Nama


It’s your buddy’s wedding and you gotta shake a leg! But make sure all the groomsmen are well aware of how and when to enter the stage and all the dance moves. So, pay close attention to every detail and get your rehearsals done in time.


4. Arrange accommodation and logistics for the outstation groomsmen 

Image Source: Luigi Cattozzo


There are going to be guests from out-of-town and maybe some groomsmen too. So, you, as the best man, is bestowed with the responsibility of making the right arrangements for all the groomsmen from out-of-town.


On the wedding day


5. Help the groom get ready

Image Source: Wedding Documentary


The D-day is here, and your best buddy is walking down the aisle and saying “I do” to the girl he loves, and he surely needs to look well-groomed and well rested. Surely there is going to be some downtime before he goes to the mandap, so you make sure that he is relaxed and comfortable.


6. Ensure everyone is ready and, on time!


It’s going to be stressful to trace down every person of the groomsmen pack, so don’t forget to send them a reminder and follow up for the departure time.

What to do? Gather all the groomsmen at one place before you head to the wedding destination.


7. Keep the Groom away from the Alcohol!

Image Source: Plush Affairs


Taking a shot before the groom recites his wedding vows is fine but moderation is the key. The last thing you want at the wedding is to have a drunk groom! So, take a shot or two and leave the bottle at the bar. 

P.S. It applies for a night before as well.


8. Escort the groom to the mandap

Image Source: Once Upon A Time Wedding Tales


Bride’s entry is a great deal and so is the groom’s! So, get our creative hats on and escort the groom to the mandap in the best and dramatic way!


9. Prepare the best best man’s toast

Image Source: Aiya Photography


This is the time! And you must be prepared with an amazing speech. Make it short, funny, witty and take a trip down memory lane but don’t forget to toast the couple!


10. Sign the wedding license as a witness

Image Source: Haring Photography


At some point in time, mostly right after the wedding, you need to be available to stand in as a witness when the couple registers their wedding.


Image Source: Pinterest (Unless specified)


Hey,  best man, are you making the notes yet?

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