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A to Z of planning a Bridal Shower & how to be the perfect host / BFF!

A to Z of planning a Bridal Shower & how to be the perfect host / BFF!


A bridal shower is like a breath of fresh air for the bride-to-be, amidst the daunting wedding planning, shopping and the pre-wedding jitters.


But it’s not all fun and games for the bridesmaid who takes up the mantle of making the bridal shower an unforgettable experience! To all the bridesmaids out there, don’t sweat it out!!


We’ve got it all sorted for you. Here is a list of things you would want to go through before you start planning the perfect bridal shower for your BFF:


1.Decide a date:



Preferably have a date in mind relatively earlier, to avoid any last minute panic! Also, a bridal shower should be at least a couple of weeks prior to the D-day. The earlier the better.


2. Get the guest-list sorted



Make sure you sort out a guest list much prior to the bridal shower! All your arrangements depend on the number of guests attending the bridal shower. If this isn’t a surprise, consult the bride.

P.S- Also keep an eye on the budget.


3. Theme? Or No them?



For the bridal shower to be a super-duper hit, you could always choose an exciting or uncommon theme. Harry potter, Game of thrones, superheroes, unicorn, fairytale, you name it and you can do it! If you don’t want the extra hassels, drop the idea! There is no thumb rule to having a successful bridal shower.


4. Pick a location



Whether it is your living room, backyard or a banquet, make sure you zero in on a location well in advance. This will smoothen the planning process and also help you straighten out your budget.


5. Send out the invites



Send out invites in a traditional way or simply send out e-invites. You can come up with innovative ideas to invite guests at the bridal shower. Just make sure you do it quickly, before people start making other plans.


6. DIY ideas



Throwing in some DIY ideas into the bridal shower is like sprinkling some extra masala over a bland dish. It adds the extra zest, fun and gives a personalized touch to the entire set-up. Whether it is food, decor or gifts, experiment with some DIY ideas and we bet it will make your BFF smile ear to ear.


7. Make a menu




No party is complete without some lip-smacking food. Plan a menu, preferably incorporating the bride’s favourites. Either arrange for food or you could ask everyone to bring one dish each, making it a fun meal, full of some mix and match! Also make sure you add some customized quirky treats to up your game.


8. Game mode: ON



Let’s have some fun! Now imagine yourself rubbing your palms, getting ready to bring it on!

Make the bridal shower sassy, spunky and super fun by indulging in some naughty and some nice games. With these you could occupy the guests, have some entertainment and also amuse the bride.


9. Can’t miss the cake



The last thing you would want to do is incur the wrath of your BFF by not arranging a cake for her bridal shower. Either keep it simple and sweet or go all out with the cake and make it an unforgettable experience for her!


10. Surprise, Surprise!!!



Make sure you gift your bride-to-be BFF a hamper with some essentials, some fun stuff or something completely whacky!


Now that you have your checklist in place, go and make your BFF beam!


Image source: Pinterest

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