Add that extra oomph to your wedding decor with these stunning dreamcatchers!

Add that extra oomph to your wedding decor with these stunning dreamcatchers!

Bohemian and floral decors have became quite a rage these days. The decor at haldi and mehendi ceremonies is experimented with time and again, in an effort to produce something chic, offbeat and fun each time!


One element that fits particularly well in several themes is a dreamcatcher. These big and small hoops curated with beads, feathers and tassels are charming and extremely eye-catchy. People have taken to them and I personally obsess over them too.


Here is how dreamcatchers upped the charm quotient of the entire decor:


1.Colourful and peppy dreamcatchers!


Image source: Kant photography

Decor by: 3D Design and Decor by Dinaz


A pretty corner cabana made up of innumerable dreamcatchers and raindrop floral curtains make this a perfect cosy spot for an afternoon wedding function.


2. Dreamcatchers with motifs


Image source: Badal Raja company

Decor by: 3D Design and Decor by Dinaz


Chinoiserie motif dreamcatchers with tassels make up an excellent and enchanting decoration idea.


3. Neon dreamcatchers with tassels


Image source: Foto Walle

Decor by: Abhinav Bhagat events


These gorgeous dreamcatchers with bright tassels, is a nice and peppy decoration idea for your mehendi ceremony.


4. Dreamcatchers and flowers-a perfect setting!


Image source: Pinterest


A cosy sitting, lots of flowers and bright and attractive dreamcatchers with huge tassels are a definite ‘yes’ for a mehendi or haldi ceremony.


5. Simple crochet dreamcatchers!


Image source: Going bananas photography

Decor by: The wedding planning company


Simple, handmade dreamcatchers set the mood for an afternoon mehendi ceremony.


6. Tassels, beads and ribbons- All in one dreamcatchers!


Image source: The Wedding Salad

Decor by: The Doli Diary


Adding the right amount of Boho to the bride and groom’s mehendi ceremony, these cute and chic dreamcatchers prove to be a nice piece of decor to have.


7. Rustic and simple!


Decor by: Aash Studio


These handmade dreamcatchers add a rustic touch to the decor and I am loving it!! It is something different and unconventional.


8. White crochet dreamcatchers


Image source: Pinterest


Adding these white and cream sober and simple dreamcathers as a part of decor at the wedding table, is a great idea to add the extra oomph to the entire setting!


9. Splash of colours!


Image source: Pinterest

Decor by: DreamzKraft


A bright, vibrant and colourful decor like this, at an afternoon wedding function of yours, is sure to lift the mood. The pink, red and blue combination of dreamcatchers and tassels makes it look absolutely gorgeous and spectacular.


10. Mixed n match!


Decor by: Marigold Weddings


A fun setting with a mix of different kinds of dreamcatchers is also quite an inspiring idea. Looks great and is a good option especially if you are confused!!


11. The ones with ribbons!


Image source: Badal Raja company

Decor by: Tanvi & Co.


Replacing feathers with these blue and purple ribbons definitely turns out to be a good choice!


12. Dreamcatcher ceilings that are spectacular!


Image source: Pinterest

Decor by: Pink Palki


Not just adding dreamcatchers as one of the elements, but having the entire setting filled with some huge and some small dreamcatchers is mesmerizing!


Which dreamy setting are you in love with?

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