All the wedding accessories that a girl should have in her wardrobe!

All the wedding accessories that a girl should have in her wardrobe!

There is always this aunty who’ll sit on your head and remind you of the 1000 things that you are yet to do. Consider me as the digital version of that aunty. Now that we are on that subject, are you sure you have packed ALL the important accessories that you’ll need for your BFF’s wedding? Let’s go through the list once more just to ensure that you haven’t left anything behind!


1. The most important things of all- hair ties, hair clips & hair accessories!


Image source: Simmy Makwana


You are going to need them in 10000s!


2. Watch.


Image source: Robin Saini Photography


Wearing a watch along with your lehenga is quite a fashion statement now! You can also wear your mum’s watch to make her extra teary!


3. Statement ring


Image source: Colorbox Jewellery


Everyone requires statement rings!


4. Payaal


Image source: Beginnings For You


Keep an extra pair ready! These dainty things break very easily!


5. Maang Tika



A cute little maang tika to complete your look!


6. Statement Clutch


Image source: Adrian R Photography


Where will you keep your mobile phone, hair ties, tissues, lipsticks and other million things? In your statement clutch, of course!


7. Footwear


Image source: Infinite Memories


There is a good chance that you will prefer to wear heels, but please please keep a pair of sneakers and chappals at bay. At one point you will want to throw the damn heels and wear sneakers/chappals!


8. Confidence


Image source: Melissa Gayle


Ouu, brownie point! It is very very very important that this accessory be with you at all times- confidence!


There. We’ve covered everything now. I’ll go join my kitty now that I’ve given my gyaan!

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